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The Lady of Shalott in Art

...But to be with you still, to see your face,
To serve you, and follow you thro' the world...

By Eleanor Fortesque-Brickdale

Elaine, The Lily Maid

Bowley, M. "The Lily Maid"
Rhead, Louis, Elaine, "The Lily Maid of Astolat"

Elaine and Lancelot

"Lancelot and Elaine"
Beardsley, Aubrey "How Sir Lancelot Was Known by the Dame Elaine"
Dixon, Arthur A. "Lancelot and Elaine"
Dore', Gustave
"Lancelot Bids Adieu to Elaine"
Ford, H.J. (1902) "Elaine Ties Her Sleeve Round Sir Lancelot's Helmet"
Fortesque-Brickdale, Eleanor (1911) "Elaine and Lancelot"
Rhead, George Wooliscroft & Louis (1898) "Elaine Worships Lancelot"
Rhead, George Wooliscroft & Louis (1898) "Lancelot Nursed By Elaine"

Elaine and Lancelot's Shield

Artist Unknown (from "Bulfinch's Age Of Chivalry") "Elaine in the Tower"
Bowley, M. "Elaine Sews A Cover for Lancelot's Shield"
Brickdale, Eleanor Fortesque- (1911)"Elaine Sewing a Cover for Lancelot's Shield"
Brickdale, Eleanor Fortesque- (1911)"Elaine With Lancelot's Shield"
Garrett, Edmund H. (1901)"Elaine and Launcelot's Shield"
Rhead, Louis "Elaine Guarding Lancelot's Shield"

The Lady of Shalott in the Tower

Bowley, M. "The Lady of Shalott"
Brundage, Frances "The Lady Of Shalott"
Egley, William Maw "The Lady of Shalott"
Frampton, Edward Reginald "Elaine"
Hunt, William Holman "The Lady Of Shalott"
Meteyard, Sidney Harold "The Lady Of Shalott"
Robinson, Charles "The Lady of Shalott"
Rutland, Florence M"The Lady Of Shalott"
Siddal, Elizabeth "The Lady of Shalott"
Waterhouse, John William (1915)"Half-Sick of Shadows"
Waterhouse, John William (1894)"Lady Shalott"
Waterhouse, John William (1894)"Lady of Shalott Study"

The Lady and the Barge

Anderson, Sophie "The Lady Of Shalott"
Artist Unknown (from "Bulfinch's Age of Chivalry")"Elaine's Last Voyage"
Barson, Jeffrey "The Lady of Shalott"
Dore', Gustave "Elaine"
Fortesque-Brickdale, Eleanor "Elaine Being Carried to the Barge"
Fortesque-Brickdale, Eleanor "Lancelot Musing on Elaine's Death"
Grimshaw, John Atkinson "Elaine"
Grimshaw, John "The Lady of Shalott"
Hughes, Arthur (1872-3) "The Lady Of Shalott"
Millais, John Everett (1854) "The Lady of Shalott"
Pyle, Howard (1881) "The Lady Of Shalott"
Rackham, Arthur "Elaine the Fair Maid of Astolat"
Rhead, Louis "How the Lifeless Elaine Floated Down To Camelot"
Riviere, Briton "Elaine Floats Down to Camelot"
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1857)"The Lady of Shalott"
Sample, Bobby (2005) "The Lady Of Shalott"
Smith, John Moyr (1875) "Elaine"
Speed, Lancelot (1919) "Elaine in the Barge"
Wallis, Henry "Elaine"
Waterhouse, John William (1888)"The Lady Of Shalott"

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