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Arthur & Camelot

Piety: The Knights of the Round Table Departing on the Quest for the Holy Grail by William Dyce

A simple student project of making an "ABC" book of Arthurian Legends quickly turned into a family project (Thank you, Family!). An "ABC" book SOUNDS a lot easier to do than it turned out to be!! So, after hours and hours and hours of research, looking for information and images, and looking for links, I decided to organize some of the information we found. This would make it possible for others to use it if the need should arise.

Arthur Receives Excalibur by Daniel Maclise

The story of King Arthur and Camelot is a well-recognized legend throughout the world. Experts question the existence of King Arthur, the knights of the infamous Round Table, and other medieval legends portrayed in literature. But does it really matter if they truly lived?? King Arthur and the other legends have provided us with intriguing stories, inspired great works of art, and allowed our imaginations to experience the romance, mysticism, and morality of medieval times. Let your quest begin.

Need an Arthurian Image? (Page 2)
Arthurian Legends -*A to Z* (Page 3)

Arthurian Romances
The Lady of Shalott
Tristan and Isolde
Geraint and Enid
Merlin and Nimue

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***The Lady Shalott***
The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse

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