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The Lady of Shalott Links

The Lady Of Shalott by William Holman Hunt

Links for The Lady of Shalott

The Camelot Project

The Quest

Medieval and Arthurian 'The Lady Of Shalott'

The Victorian Web

Pictorial Interpretations of The Lady and the Boat

Pictorial Interpretations of the Embowered Woman

The Legends: King Arthur and the Matter of Britain

Seanchaidh Legends: The Lady of Shalott

The Stories of the Lady of Shalott

Bulfinch's Mythology, The Age of Chivalry

Lancelot and Elaine from Idylls of the King(Tennyson)

The Lady of Shalott (Tennyson)

The Ballad of Elaine (Wright)

Elaine by Henry Wallis

The Lady of Shalott in Art
The Lady of Shalott

Arthurian Romances
Tristan and Isolde
Geraint and Enid
Merlin and Nimue

Arthur and Camelot (Back to Page 1)
Need an Arthurian Image?
Arthurian Legends- *A to Z*