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Third Iron Age King's Grave near Oss, Netherlands

Near 2 large Dutch graves in Oss, archaeologists have discovered another large and rich grave.


First King's Grave in Oss

Second King's Grave in Oss


13th September 2011

Near Oss, not far from 2 other rich Iron Age findings, a new grave was found.
It is located in the natural park "De Maashorst in Uden". This finding is unique, because nowhere in The Netherlands such rich burials were found so close to eachother, all dating from the early Iron Age.

This grave was also unique because it was not a cremation deposit, but a body even though the bones were decayed.

The findings consist of the following:
-2 bronze bracelets
-2 bronze anklets
-a pinch, not for a beard
-2 bronze hair spirals, to be braid
-a pin (for in hair or clothes)
-a nail scraper
-textile: a possible shroud, clothing

Burial gifts

This person lived between 800 and 600 B.C.E. and must have been a very important man or woman.

Archaeologist Richard Jansen explained that the finding gives a different insight in the social cohesion. ''There were leader'', he said.

Recent excavations (in 2005 and 2010) point out that the burial ground is much larger than expected. It contains certainly more than the over 100 graves that are known until now.


The burial mounts and the matching rows with stakes were reconstructed and publicly accesible in the Museum voor Religieuze Kunst in Uden.

The history of De Maashorst is also published in a book.


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