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Second King's Grave in Oss, NL

Source:, November 4, 2009

Near the largest Dutch burial in Oss, archaeologists have discovered another large and rich burial.


Near the intersection of the highways A50 and A59, multiple grave mounts have been excavated, which formed a unique ritual landscape a few centuries before A.D.. Local archaeologist Richard Jansen told that, based on the outcomes of extensive research.
The first large burial in Oss was excavated in 1933. The new burial from the early Iron Age has been discovered recently, a few hundred meters from the first grave and is not much smaller.

X-ray research
X-ray research revealed 525 very small, fragile bronze artifacts from the earth that was removed from below the funeral pile. These probably belonged to a pair of horse harnesses, which had been cremated together with the deceased.
The ashes were deposited into a beautiful clay urn. The burial mount diameter is 40 meter and 1,5 meter high. "It's not quite true that in that era only poor farmers lived'', according to Jansen.

This grave indicates that the person was a young, prominent man (between 25 and 40 years) and that is why the researchers call it a new King's Grave. Unfortunately it's not yet possible to determine which of the two kings lived first.
Museum Jan Cunen in Oss has opened an exhibition on the recent excavations. The municipality wants to restore the burials and the landscape and open in 2010 for visitors.


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