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The Original Norn Hospital -- Links

C r e a t u r e s L i n k s

Creatures COB Collectionİ This is a page I just made it is not yet finished but you can find some cobs for C1 or C2 there and I hope there will be hundreds in the future. Page By Dr§mile
Sharon's Creatures Village Very good images very nice page by Sharon
The Norn Underground Good page for Creatures and Creatures 2 hackers very nice page by LummoxJr
The Norn Outlet Nice page by Venom02.
COBS A - Z This page has links to almost every cob made so if you want a cob and can't find it try this page.
Creatures 2 Manias This is a new page but very good page.
Micheal Norns Creatures 1 and 2 Main Nice page by: Micheal Norn
C2 Norns and Ettins This page is Nice just not all the way up yet, page by: Cozza None

O t h e r L i n k s

Nettle's Page Page done by Nettle but it is not a Creatures page he used to have one.
Castle of Norns Page done by Nornie it has a few script problems but they will be worked out soon, you can still visit.

If you want me to post your link on this page please email it to me at Dr§mile's Links.