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The Original Norn Hospital -- Home
Dr§mileWelcome toDr§mile
The Original Norn Hospital

If your Creature is sick check him/her in to The Original Norn Hospital. Please send all the information that you have about your Creature's illness and if you want your Creature zipped up before sent home. If they are sent zipped then they will be sent back zipped. They will be given as much care as I can give to them. I will give you a full report of how your Creature's visit was. It may take a few days before your norn gets a room. I will nurse your Creature back to health then I will send your Creature home. I also take Grendels and Ettins!!!!!

Hi everyone If you sent a creature please give me awhile and I will get it back to you and I have lost my C2 cd so please don't send any C2 stuff right now. I will also be getting C3 asap. Thanks, Dr§mile
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