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Notice: These Tips are from other people, I just post them.
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Norn Breeders,

If you let your norns play with Carrot Beetles it will make them fill better. They are the absoulote best cure for bored, hunger and tired norns.
Norn Breeder, Kyle McElroy
Norn Breeders,

Have you ever noticed the difference in Diseases? There's one that I've heard called the Whooping Cough, Antigen 0, that sends norns herdeling back and forth. The best way to treat this is for every minute of their sickness, give them two full syringes wakeup pill, one syringe energy and one syringe antioxidant. I didn't believe it would work, but hey, it did! Also I thougt you might recommend to breeders to reset their Albia after a while. The longer you have an Albia, the more complex the diseases, so you lose more norns.

Norn Breeder, MBWahl
Norn Breeders,

If a norn is sick ask it to eat no matter how hungry it is. This works well if a norn is very sick or only has a small cold. Remember some diseases act quickly and should not be taken lightly.

Norn Breeder, Anirt Radon
Norn Breeders,

A helpful tip: If you look at a males fertility and it doesn't exsist, don't worry. The odds are it will go up again after a while. If you have alot of norns in your world and they keep getting sick (and you don't feel like exporting them) isololated and make sure they eat. If you do this with each norn, they all get better. Antigen 3 seems to have some Whooping quatitys. I think the best remidy for this is 2 sringes of cough medican, 1 or 2 sringes of anti-oxidet, and a few carrots
Hope this helps. Dr. Anirt Radon
Norn Breeders,

If you crowd your fertile norns together they will mate but not always have children because they aren't comfortable or there sex drive and things like that is low try to seporate your fetile norns and then when two are ready to mate put them together to many norns in one place can spread illnesses. If that happens you'll have an epidemic going around Albai and some of the new born norns will have slight birth defects or become sick. So it is important that you give your norns there space and let them room around they love to walk around Albia and look at the birds and animals.

NornBreeder, Ariel

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