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Irish - Loft over the hearth in 1846 and talks HERE

Pi Day Pie talks Mr14, 14

Maple sugaring talks and tapes HERE

Mills HERE

March 1 Pancake Day, Doughnut/Faschnaut/Kinkling Day blog post HERE

Mar 1 Tue 12:30 Pancake Day/St David's Day: Welsh Cakes. “experimenting with the traditional recipes for the perfect Welsh cakes, exploring ways of cooking and serving, for the ultimate St David's Day treat.” Scott Quinnell. Smeg UK HERE

Mr 1 Tue 2-3:45 Ancient Egypt: Cattle in art, design and texts. Dr Joanne Backhouse. £8.68 HERE

Mar 1 Tue 7-8:30pm Brood Factories, Bees . Mike Palmer. Bees Beyond Borders HERE

Mar 1 Tue 7:30 African American Culinary Heritage Series. Tammy Robertson HERE

Mar 1 Tue 7:30 The Automat – Special Screening. Lisa Hurwitz’s documentary. CHNY Culinary Historians of NY and Food Studies Department at The New School. $15 HERE

Mar 2 Wed 10AM-12 King of Fruits: Mangoes. UF/IFAS Extension Manatee County FL HERE

Mar 2 Wed 1:30-3 Folklore of Insects. “lore, myth and legends of insects, with tales from all over the world… folklore and nature connection .” Kaitlyn Elverson. Buglife. UK HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 2 Wed 2 The Evolution of Drinks in the Delaware Valley. history, culture, discussion. Dr. Cassandra Stancil Gunkel, Bonnie Tobin. Tyler State Park. Friends Life Care: VigR® HERE

Mar 2 Wed 6-7:30 The Evolution of Drinks in the Delaware Valley. history, culture, discussion, cooking demo. Dr. Cassandra Stancil Gunkel, Bonnie Tobin. Tyler State Park. Friends Life Care: VigR® HERE

Mar 2 Wed 6:30 Wild Rice for Thanksgiving: A Settler Colonial Reckoning. Nan Enstad. Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin (CHEW). Link and possible TAPE HERE

Mar 2 Wed 7 Stories of the Iroquois White Corn Project. history and importance. Angel Jimerson, Lauren Jimerson. Adirondack Experience: The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake. NY HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mr 2 Wed 7 Crash Course in Comté cheese. Micro class. “history and process of Comté cheesemaking and why Comté is so special.” Formaggio Kitchen $10 HERE

Mar 2 Wed 7 Elements Of The Victorian Dinner Table. Robert B. Dimmick, Meghan Gelardi Holmes. Gibson House Museum $12 HERE

Mar 3 Thu 11 AM Food Tour: The Belly of Paris. “Les Halles, home to one of the best market streets of Paris. Built in the 1100’s, the market has been described as the belly of Paris.” Heygo HERE

Mar 3 Thu 12 Hogarth and Europe. Compare “his art … Chardin or Watteau in Paris, Troost in Amsterdam, or Longhi in Venice… how artists across Europe grappled with the rapid social, cultural and economic changes.” Queen Mary U of London HERE no tape

Mar 3 Thu 1 Capitalist Pigs: Pigs, Pork, and Power in America - Iowa History 101. author Joe Anderson. State Historical Society of Iowa HERE TAPE HERE

Mr 3 Thu 2 Kites, crows and calories: the unexpected consequences of feeding birds in your garden. Mark Fellowes. London Natural History Society HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 3 Thu 2 Defining the European eighteenth-century colonial space. Caribbean sugar plantations. Finola O’Kane-Crimmins. Public Record Office of Northern Ireland HERE

Mr 3 Thu 7 Farmerettes! Ontario Farm Service Force. “young women who answered the call to work on farms in Ontario during World War II.” 1941-1952. Bonnie Sitter, Shirleyan English. Osgoode Township Museum. Canada HERE. TAPE HERE

Mr 3 Thu 8-9:30 A Virtual Conversation with Adrian Miller, Culinary Historian of African American cuisine. Langston Clark. Entrepreneurial Appetite's Black Book discussions. Donation HERE

Mar 4 Fri 12-1:30 Ramp Cultivation Webinar. Wild leeks. “Learn about the history, cultivation, and many uses of this important and delicious native plant.” Rural Action HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 4 Fri 6 Harvesting Stories: Whitesbog cranberries and blueberries, family memories. Sharon Goodman. Whitesbog Preservation Trust $5 HERE

Mar 4 Fri 8:30 The Old Fashioned Cocktail. Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Mar 5 Sat 10:30-11:15AM History in the Kitchen. “the ways laborers, shopkeepers, and tenant farmers kept fruit and vegetables in their diet through the long, cold months of winter… and make apple fritters” Gunston Hall HERE

Mar 6 Sun 8AM Cultural Storytelling - History and Culture of Thai Desserts. Ploy Khunisorn. Explore Culture HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 6 Sun 4-5:30 The Sephardic Seattle. “Sephardic community in the Pacific Northwest, with its deep roots in the Mediterranean and specifically the island of Rhodes.” Sara Gardner. Sephardic Recipes Across America. Temple Israel of Boston. 3 parts $0-10 HERE

Mar 6 Sun 4 Ladies Sling the Booze. “from golden age giants like Ada Coleman (head bartender at the Savoy in London), to wartime Bessie the Bartenders, to modern trendsetters like Audrey Saunders and Ivy Mix.” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Mr 7 Mon 5:30-7:15AM All Gods’ Creatures: Animal Kingdom Ancient Egypt – Fish. Dr Joanne Backhouse £8.68 HERE

Mar 7 Mon 1:30-3 Holodomor - 1932-1933 Soviet Famine in Ukraine. What do we need to know about the Holodomor? Dr Daria Mattingly. Ukrainian Institute London £30 HERE

Mar 7 Mon 2 Daily Life in Ancient Egypt. A Virtual Experience. “Agriculture, food and drinks, arts, music and dancing, and religious offerings…” Khaled K. World Virtual Tours. HERE

Mar 7 Mon 2-3:30 Maritime Woodland. Wildlife Live Webinar. Simon Leatherdale. Suffolk Wildlife Trust donation UK HERE

Mar 7 Mon 5:30-7 Sourdough 101 Part 1 Baking with Discard. “learning how to feed our starter.” Heike Meyer. Brot Bakery. City Market Classes & Events HERE

Mar 7 Mon 6:30 Mid-Century Cuisine. “Food fads from the 40s through the 60s.” Rockaway Township Public Library NJ HERE

Mar 7 Mon 7-8:30 Treasures of the Mexican Table. Chef Pati Jinich. Central Market Cooking School Austin North Lamar $10 HERE

Mar 8 Tue 4-6:30AM Creating a family heirloom cookbook. Emma Bulfin and Sonia Martinez. Queensland Family History Society Inc. A$25.00 for 2 sessions Mr 15 HERE

Mar 8 Tue 5 From Wheat to Watermelon: Clues from Ancient DNA about Food and Diet. Library Society and OI Breasted Society HERE

Mar 8 Tue 6:30 Tavern Tastings: Whiskey. “history,its creation, rise in popularity during the 18th century in North America, and how its role in the economy of the burgeoning US incited a rebellion. Keeler Tavern Museum CT & Fraunces Tavern NY Donation HERE TAPE HERE

Mr 8 Tue 6:30 Early American Kitchen Gardens & Gardeners. Holly Gruntner. Morven Museum & Garden $10 HERE

Mr 9 Wed 1:30 Biscuit. “Bourbons. Custard Creams. Rich Tea. Jammie Dodgers. Chocolate Digestives. Shortbread. Ginger snaps.” Lizzie Collingham. Southwark Cathedral £1 HERE. no tape

Mar 9 Wed 2-3:30 Florida Food in the Golden Era of Women’s Page Journalism. Kimberly Voss. Delray Beach Public Library HERE

Mar 9 Wed 2-3:30 The Field Names of Shropshire. “look at the types of trees and other flora mentioned in them as well as the general vocabulary for our hedgerows and boundaries.” Dr Jayne Carroll and John Baker from the Institute for Name Studies (University of Nottingham). Shropshire Hedgerow Project monthly talks. CPRE Shropshire. FULL HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 9 Wed 2:20 Abbot Moote’s Great Barns Around St Albans. “series of Great Barns built for St Albans Abbey in the medieval period.” Lee Prosser. Combined Hertfordshire Archaeological Societies HERE Great, no tape

Mr 9 Wed 2:30 David Currie of Newlaw: merchant, smuggler & slave trader. Frances Wilkins. Galloway Glens HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 9 Wed 6 Nature Hour: Trees, Farming, Regeneration and Climate. “how an old, and newly re-appreciated, approach to agriculture can be a huge help…” Dale Hendricks. Lancaster Conservancy HERE TAPE HERE

Mr 9 Wed 6:30-8 Cooking With Maple! “how you can use this delicious food in various dishes from around the world.” Museums of Mississauga. Ontario, Canada HERE TAPE TAPE HERE ">HERE

Mar 9 Wed 7 Culinary History & Recipe Heritage 1920s-1980s. Pamela Kure Grogan author of My Cookbook Passion: Culinary History and Adventure in Exploring My Collection. Laurel Historical Society HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 9 Wed 7 Coffeeland. “highlands of El Salvador, where James Hill, born in the slums of Manchester, England, founded one of the world’s great coffee dynasties at the turn of the twentieth century. Adapting the innovations of the Industrial Revolution to plantation agriculture…” Augustine Sedgewick. Museums on the Green. $10 HERE

Mr 9 Wed 7:30 Open for Settlement: Scottish Settlers in Canada. Scottish Settlers in Canada 3 part series. Christine Woodcock. Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society. CA$20 for 3 HERE. no tape

Mr 9 Wed 8 Shellfish + A Taste of Place. “Some varieties are only found in certain regions of the world and oysters in particular are distinctly influenced by the waters in which they grow.” Cynthia Nims. RevelEleven HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 9 Wed 8 An Appetite for Film: Food in the Movies. John Trafton. Parkland/Spanaway Pierce County Library WA HERE . no tape

Mar 10 Thu 11:40-2 Reigning over change: From Rationing to Instagram: marking 70 years of continuity and change. Keynote (Andrew Wrenn) and workshops. Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. HA Virtual History Forum. The Historical Association. £15 HERE

Mr 10 Thu 12 Tax farms, tribes, and late Ottoman landscapes. Camille Cole. Cambridge World History Seminars HERE

Mar 10 Thur 12:15 Managers from the British World and labour discipline in sheep farming industry (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, c1837-1956) Chile. “management of workforce performances at estancias (stations or ranches) and frigoríficos (freezing works)” Nicolás Gómez Baeza. IHR Institute of Historical Research UK HERE . no tape, great subject

Mar 10 Thu 12:30 Food and Identity in India. "Tasting Bread, Resisting Casteism: A Historical Overview of the Brahmoization of Bread in the Colonial Bengal" Ahmar Alvi Mohd; "A Pinch of Salt: Salt, Bonds, and Nation-Making in Modern India." Sonakshi Srivastava. IHR Institute of Historical Research UK HERE

Mar 10 Thu 1 Understanding Napa Valley's top grapes and wine styles. “brief history of the rise of the top grape varieties and the key influences on the general wine styles.” and more. Vanessa Conlin. Wine & Spirit Education Trust HERE TAPE HERE

Mr 10 Thu 1-2:30 Food, Women Empowerment and Malaysian Cuisine. Haleh Moravej. MACFEST - Muslim Arts and Culture Festival. HERE

Mar 10 Thu 2:30-4 Place, Region, and Generation on North America’s Prairies and Plains. Native Americans, Settlers, Grass, Corn, stories, writings. Molly Rozum author of Grasslands Grown. U of Guelph Rural History Roundtable HERE

Mar 10 Thu 5:30 Maple Sugaring in Askaskwiwajoak (the Green Mountains) VT. “lesser-known traditions of maple sugaring among the region's Abenaki communities, including historical practices…” Alexander Cotnoir. Sustainable Woodstock HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 10 Thu 5:30 The Diary of Elizabeth Drinker…and the People Who Have Studied It. A Philadelphia Quaker, kept a diary for almost 50 years until year she died, 1807. Sarah Heim, Former Director of Research Services, The Historical Society of Pa.; Library Company of Philadelphia HERE. TAPE HERE.
Drinker diary transcription at Alexander Street database HERE.
Extracts from the Journal of Elizabeth Drinker: From 1759 to 1807. ed. Henry Drinker Biddle, 1889 HERE

Mar 10 Thu 6-7:30 Fungi. Hannah Hemmelgarn, others. Forest Farming in Focus. Horticultural Science HERE. , More materials HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 10 Thur 6:30 Life Downstairs: British Servant Culture in Fact, Fiction, and Film. Ann McClellan. Brookline Public Library NH HERE

Mar 10 Thu 6:30 Pasta Lover’s Tour of Italy. Francine Segan. 92Y $27 HERE

Mar 10 Thu 7-8:30 Legacies of American Slavery: Food. Zella Palmer, Therese Nelson. Dillard University Ray Charles Program in African-American Material Culture in New Orleans HERE. TAPE HERE. Several past speakers in series TAPE HERE

Mar 10 Thu 8 Drink Like a Monk. “monk-made and monk-associated herbal liqueurs (Chartreuse, Benedictine and Frangelico) that take cocktails from simple to sublime.” Tastings $19 HERE

Mr 10 Thu 9-11 The Weaponization of Food and Eating: Diet Culture, Colonialism, and Food Freedom. Virgie Tovar. IAEDP Puget Sound HERE

Mr 11 Fri 12-1:30 Seminar 3. Beyond Cooking: Global Histories of Food-Making and Gender across the Early Modern World. 4 part Seminar. CRASSH U of Cambridge. HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 11 Fri 12 International trade, domestic production, and the rise of the British fiscal-military state: New evidence on the sources of fiscal revenue, 1680-1820. 4 speakers. IHR Institute of Historical Research UK HERE

Mar 11 Fri 2:30-4 Orchard - A Year in England's Eden. Nick Gates. Keynsham Group, Avon Wildlife Trust. UK Donation and tape HERE Moor Meadows 2021 TAPE HERE

Mar 11 Fri 4 Medicine and Mixed Drinks – Civil War Medicine Inspired Cocktails. Kyle Dalton, John Lustrea. National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Info HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 12 Sat 10AM Preserve Your Family Recipes. Bristol Public Library. Hybrid HERE

Mar 12 Sat 10 AM Pompeii: Life and Death in a Roman Town. Heygo HERE

Mar 12 Sat 10:30-11:15AM History in the Kitchen. “Mason family consumed leftovers? Chicken pudding.” Gunston Hall HERE

Mar 12 Sat 12-9 Day 1 West Coast Culinary Symposium. Medieval. Keynote Speaker Volker Bach: The Landsknecht Cookbook. Many speakers HERE TAPES HERE

Mar 12 Sat 1:30 The Bacon Paradox: Danger and Desire in the Twentieth Century. Dr. Mark Johnson. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE TAPE HERE

UK 5 then 4 hours ahead of US

Mar 13 Sun 12-4 Day 2 West Coast Culinary Symposium. Medieval. Many speakers HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 13 Sun 2 On Food and Fascism. Karima Moyer-Nocchi. Author Chewing the Fat – An Oral History of Italian Foodways from Fascism to Dolce Vita. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC HERE TAPE HERE tape removed Apr 3

Mar 13 Sun 4-5:30 The Sephardic Southwest. “crypto-Jews dating back to the 16th century has had profound influence on the culinary repertoire of that area.” Sara Gardner. Sephardic Recipes Across America. Temple Israel of Boston. 3 parts $0-10 HERE

Mar 14 Mon 4 Shaker Pi Day. “Reps from Shaker history organizations … share stories and interesting artifacts from their collections while baking a pie.” Shaker Museum. HERE

Mar 14 Mon 5:30-7 Sourdough 101 Part 2 Baking with Discard. “some ideas for what to make with the leftover, or “discard” starter not used for baking bread—biscuits and cookies.” Heike Meyer. Brot Bakery. City Market Classes & Events HERE

Mr 14 Mon 6:30 Bringing Local to a Whole New Level. foraging for his Larder Delicatessen & Bakery, has the Wild-Foraged Mushroom Certification. Jeremy Umansky. Cleveland Chapter of LDEI Les Dames d'Escoffier Int'l $10 HERE

Mar 14 Mon 7 A Walk Back in Time: The Secrets of Cellar Holes. Foundations, walls and other remains documented by volunteers for one town, and encourage others. Adair Mulligan. Stratham Historical Society and Wiggin Memorial Library HERE

Mar 14 Mon 7-8:45 French Food Frenzy - Kosher Style. “how the French shop, cook, and eat… cooking methods… history and evolution of French cuisine.” Karen Reb Rudel. Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy $10 HERE

Mar 14 Mon 9 Australian meat pie with ground beef in a puff pastry. Bronzed Aussie Pie Shop. Fowler Museum at UCLA HERE

Mr 14 Mon 9:30 Meet Bryant Terry, author of Black Food. “original essays, poetry, recipes and art from over 100 Black cultural luminaries from across the globe capture the broad and divergent voices of the African Diaspora through the prism of food.” Foster City Library HERE

Mar 15 Tue 1 The History of Agriculture as told by Barns NH. John C. Porter. Silverstone Living HERE

Mar 15 Tue 6 Ireland's Great Famine in Irish-American History: Fateful Memory, Indelible Legacy. Mary Kelly. Durham Public Library NH HERE

Mar 15 Tue 6:30 America’s Cereals. Francine Segan. AARP, not have to be member HERE

Mr 15 Tue 7 Brewing in NH: a History of Beer from Colonial Times to the Present. Glenn Knoblock. Merrimac Public Library HERE

Mar 15 Tue 8-9:30 A Taste of History: CHNI Culinary Book Discussion: Home Cooking by Laurie Colwin. Dr. Lisa Capps. Culinary Historians of Northern Illinois HERE

Mr 16 Wed 3 Market metropolis: cattle and the making of Dublin city. 19th century. Juliana Adelman. AHG Seminar Animal History Group UK HERE

Mr 16 Wed 3:30-5 Wine, Whisky and Beer – the role of geology. Alex Maltman. Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group UK Hybrid HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 16 Wed 3:30-5 Making (Roman) Flour the German Way: Imported Lava querns and millstones in Roman Britain. Lindsay Banfield. University of Sussex Archaeological Society UK HERE

Mar 16 Wed 4 19th-Century Domestic Workers. Living History @ Home. Children + families. New-York Historical Society HERE

Mar 16 Wed 6 Sustainers of Culture and Life: Mohican Women’s Artistry and Food Cultivation in the Homelands. Kallie Kosc author The Education of Mary Peters: Mohican Women, Race, and Citizenship in Early America. Forge Project NYHERE

Mar 16 Wed 6:30-8:15 The History of Gin. David McNicoll. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

Mar 16 Wed 6:30 An Ocean of Sura: Drink and Drinking in Ancient and Medieval India. James McHugh author of An Unholy Brew: Alcohol in Indian History and Religions. CHNY Culinary Historians of NY $10 HERE TAPE

Mar 16 Wed 7 The Rise and Fall and Rise of the World’s Most Famous Fortified Wines. Becky Sue Epstein. Culinary Historians of Boston HERE

Mar 16 Wed 8 St. Chrys’ Table: Birth of a Community Cookbook completed spring of 2021. Libbet Richter & panel. Chicago Foodways Roundtable. HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 16 Wed 8 Drink Me, I’m Irish. “Irish Whiskey different from bourbon or Scotch, and some ways to incorporate other Irish ingredients into cocktails, including Bailey’s Irish Cream and Guinness Stout.” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Mar 16 Wed 9:30-11 The Magic of Irish Whiskey. Holly Seidewand. New York Adventure Club. Tape for one week $10 HERE

Mr 16 Wed 8 Fillin’ Up Your Tank: Roadside Architecture in Kansas. “Route 66, and the impact these famous places have left. Think drive-in diners, gas stations, motels, attractions…” Jamee Fiore. Society for Commercial Archeology HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 16 Thu 8-10 Whiskies of the USA Part 4: American Single Malt. Kurt Maitland, Sarah Jeltema. Museum of Distilled Spirits $15 HERE

Mar 17 Thu 8:30 AM Caribbean Cooking. Rosamund Grant author of Taste of Africa and Taste of the Caribbean. University of Westminster UK HERE 2021 TAPE HERE

Mar 17 Thu 12-1:30 Bread Recipes 1300 BCE -1900 CE. History of written recipes. “details needed to interpret historic recipes from the Epipaleolithic through the Early Modern.” William Rubel HERE

? Mar 17 Thu 1:30 Dead Reckoning: The Material Legacy of Count Eudes of Nevers (d. 1266). Crusader died in Acre, rare surviving inventory of “his wardrobe, kitchens, pantry, stables, and chapel… list the pay he owed to over three dozen men in his employ,…” Anne Lester. IHR Institute of Historical Research UK HERE

Mar 17 Thu 1:30 Out of the Ashes: Reconstructing the Economic Fortunes of the Lordship of Ireland following the 1922 Destruction of the Public Record Office of Ireland. Bruce Campbell author of English Seigniorial Agriculture 1250–1450. School of Humanities, Sgoil nan Daonnachdan HERE TAPE HERE very interesting

? Mar 17 Thur 3 An iconic fruit: the Apple. “1883 … over 1,500 varieties of apple drawn from across the British Isles went on display, launching a ‘Fruit Crusade’ to rescue the apple from been buried under an avalanche of American imports.” Joan Morgan. Oxford Botanic Garden UK £7 HERE

Mr 17 Thu 3 The Little Ice Age and the River Thames frost fairs of the 17th Century; and Black Lives in Stuart England. Dr. Ariel Hessayon. Goldsmiths History Society HERE //

The Little Ice Age and the River Thames frost fairs of the seventeenth century. Essay & pic. HERE

Mr 17 Thu 3 Lambeth History Unlocked: Brixton Windmill 1816-2022. Jean Kerrigan. Lambeth Libraries. HERE //

Mar 17 Thu 6 The History of Pre-Civil War Sacramento. Saloons and Gold rush. “Alcohol production, entertainment, gambling, and other saloon activities.” James Scott. ACC Senior Services HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 17 Thu 6:30-7:45 Mysteries and Spices: Conversation and Parsi Cuisine Demo with authors Sujata Massey and Niloufer Mavalvala. Historical mystery set in 1920s, The Bombay Prince; “quick-n-easy recipes as she details the unique history and culture of the Parsi community.“ Howard County Library. HERE. TAPE HERE

Mar 17 Thu 7 (Hi)Stories of the Soil: The Yturria Ranch Lands. Lilia Garcia, Texas Land Heritage series. Friends of Texas Historical Comm. HERE

Mar 17 Thu 7-8:30 Ethical Harvesting for Medicinal Plants. Corey Pine Shane, author Southeast Medicinal Plants & Dr. Deena Class. Firestorm Books & Coffee HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 18 Fri 12 Taste of Control: Food and the Filipino Colonial Mentality under American Rule. Alexander D. Orquiza, Jr. Pepin Lecture. Boston University Gastronomy Program. HERE

Mr 18 Fri 2-3:30 Table for One: A Foodie's Journey Through Morocco. Anisa Kassam. SFU Simon Fraser University. Vancouver, Canada HERE

Mr 18 Fri 2-4 Living and Dying with Vikings: Geoarchaeology, Lipid biomarkers and interdisciplinary perspectives on human-animal relations in the Viking Age. “shared their lives [and graves] with domesticated horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, poultry, and sometimes deer…” Dr. Karen Milek. U. of Toronto Anthropology 2022 Colloquium Series. HERE

Mar 18 Fri 6 Whitesbog: The 1981 Effort to Document Whitesbog for the National Register of Historic Places. “largest cranberry farm in NJ.” Bill Bolger. Whitesbog Preservation Trust $5 HERE

Mr 18 Fri 8 A Woman's Place Is in the Brewhouse. “contributions and influence of female brewers and explores the forces that have erased them from the brewing world.” author Tara Nurin. Virginia Festival of the Book HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 19 Sat 2 New Orleans Style Beignets. Chef Michele. CocuSocial $19 HERE

Mar 19 Sat 2 Bombay Mix with Priya Mani. a savory crunchy snack Cuisines of Different Cultures. Atlantic Institute HERE //

Mar 19 Sat 6:30 Women in Colonial-Era Public Houses. “Women owned and operated taverns, women worked in taverns, and women patronized taverns.” Rod Cofield. Rodgers Tavern Museum HERE

Mar 20 Sun 12 Sounds Tasty. “How does music affect the way we taste coffee?” Jen Apodaca, others. Greater Goods Coffee HERE

Mar 20 Sun 4 Victory Gardens: How a Nation of Vegetable Gardeners Helped to Win the War. Judith Sumner. CHAA Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 20 Sun 7-9 Lost Forgotten and Found - Giiwniikewag miinwaa Giimkaajigaazowag. "Mnjikaning, the Fish Fence in the Narrows between Lakes Couchiching and Simcoe.” First Nation Elder Mark Douglas. Storytelling Orillia. Ontario, Canada. Donation HERE

Mar 20 Sun 8:30PM-12:30AM Visit The Coconut Nectar Farm, Gift From Nature. “young local founder who shows us every step from the coconut tree to the product.” Vietnam. Heygo HERE

Mr 20 Sun 9pm Women in Spirits. Cocktail Collective $15 HERE //

Mar 21 Mon 5 City of Immigrants, Their Impact on Food Culture in Sacramento. Maryellen Burns. ACC Senior Services HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 21 Mon 5 A Coffee Lover's Passport Around the World. Francine Segan. Context Travel $36.50 with tape HERE

Mr 22 Tue 8AM International Day of Forests: Sustainable Forestry in Southeast. “1.6 billion people depend directly on forests for food, shelter, energy, medicines and income.” Panel. International Relations Office - Imperial College London. HERE //

Mar 21 Mon 5:30-7 Sourdough 101 Part 3 Bread. Heike Meyer. Brot Bakery. City Market Classes & Events HERE

Mar 22 Tue 3 Verdant Views: Bittersweet Chocolate - Problems in the Cacao Sector. Cornell Botanic Gardens. Donation HERE

Mr 22 Tue 3 Travel Geeks: discover another side to the Balearics. Sights, events “the outstanding food and wine grown and harvested there…” National Geographic Traveller (UK). HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 22 Tue 3:30-4:45 Plants in the medieval period: importance, survival and myth. “wealthy landowner, but also as a commoner. How plants would have been vital to their survival.” John Handley. Abbey Cwmhir Heritage Trust. Donation. HERE TAPE HERE well done

Mar 22 Tue 5:30-7 Cocktails of Science: The 20th Century's Most Interesting Drinks. Jane Santos. NY Adventure Club. Tape one week $10 HERE

Mar 22 Tue 7 Poor Houses and Town Farms: The Hard Row for Paupers. Stephen Taylor. Marlborough Historical Society HERE

Mar 22 Tue 7-8:30 All About Avocados. Mimi Holtz, Nancy Madok. Les Dames d'Escoffier International, San Diego Chapter $15 HERE //

Mar 23 Wed 10-11:15 AM Shakespeare’s Gardens. Jackie Bennett. Bromley House Library. UK £6 HERE //

Mar 23 Wed 12-2 Good Taste: Yuppie Gourmet Culture in the Age of Inequality 1970s-80s. Dylan Gottlieb. Hagley Library. HERE

Mar 23 Wed 6:30 Brewing in New Hampshire: An Informal History of Beer in the Granite State from Colonial Times to the Present. Glenn Knoblock. Hebron Library HERE

Mar 23 Wed 7 Entangled Lives: Women’s Labor, from the Rural Farm to the Factory Village. “women’s labor, agriculture communities, and early industrialization… rural farming towns and textile mill villages.” Marla Miller. Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation HERE TAPE HERE

Mr 23 Wed 7-8:30 Cheese 101: Back to the Basics. “history and process of cheesemaking, the most common styles of cheese…” Formaggio Kitchen $15 for charity HERE //

Mar 23 Wed 7-8:30 Ethiopian Cooking: Egg Rolls and Samosas. Mimi Selam . Mississippi Market Co-op HERE

Mar 24 Thu 1:30 Confectionery and Food Lists in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. “Female Agencies in the Confectionery Trade in Early Modern Spain” Marta Manzanares Mileo, “Practical and Poetical Food Lists in the Battles Between Carnival and Lent” Roberta Colbertaldo. IHR Institute of Historical Research UK HERE

Mar 24 Thu 1:30 Hunger in the homeland: Indian emotions in the Second World War. Diya Gupta. IHR Institute of Historical Research UK HERE

Mar 24 Thur 2:30-4 Experiential History project documenting old barns in the digital world. Hugh Fraser, Mim Martin, Randy Bagg. U of Guelph Rural History Roundtable. Canada HERE

Mar 24 Thu 3-4:30 Best of Spring Foraging & Wild Food. John Wright. Woodland Classroom Ltd. £11 UK HERE

Mr 24 Thu 4 A Good Brew. “problematic history of tea, coffee and sugar and its connection to objects in” The Courtauld Institute of Art. The Research Forum UK HERE TAPE HERE

Mr 24 Thu 6 Liquor, Labor, and Love in Urban Appalachia. “To supplement their income, some women … found multiple pathways to increase their financial security, holding both “legitimate” and “illegitimate” employment.” Moonshine. Katherine Cutshall. Western North Carolina Historical Association (WNCHA) $10 HERE

Mar 24 Thu 6-7:30 Ginseng. Forest Farming in Focus Dr. Eric Burkhart. To learn basics go HERE. Horticultural Science. Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition. Register HERE. More materials HERE TAPE HERE

Mr 24 Thu 6:30 Custard pie. A Taste of Old Colony History. Old Colony History Museum MA HERE TAPE HERE //

Mar 24 Thu 6:30 Spicing It Up On The Farm. “extending the flavors of the growing season with such techniques as fermenting, pickling, dehydrating and preserving. …operating the farm-to-table restaurant on the 683-acre working thoroughbred horse farm just outside of Louisville.” Alison Settle of Barn8 Restaurant. Les Dames d'Escoffier Kentucky $30 HERE //

Mar 24 Thu 6:30 The Rise and Fall of Tide Mills in York, Maine: Exploring Colonial-Era Technology and the Future of Renewable Energy. 4 speakers. Old York Historical Society ME. Donation Info and TAPE HERE Fascinating systems, well done talks; 2d half on York mills //

Mar 24 Thu 7 Washington at the Plow: The Founding Farmer and Question of Slavery. author Bruce Ragsdale. Mount Vernon $20 HERE //

Mr 24 Thu 7:30 “Lloyd/Bennett/Hemsley family who owned Old Wye Mill during the 18th century, as well as many important historic plantations nearby.” Sherri Marsh Johns. Spring Speakers Series. Old Wye Mill Md. HERE //

Mar 24 Thu 8:30 Mezcalera: The journey of a Woman from Oaxaca. “history of mezcal in Oaxaca, an interview with this inspiring young woman entrepreneur …” Dawn Feuerberg. Women Making Waves $20 HERE //

Mar 24 Thu 8:30-10 Learning and Mending: She Braids Together Sweetgrass. Braiding Sweetgrass by Anishinabekwe scientist, Robin Wall Kimmerer. Metabolic Studio CA HERE //

Mar 25 Fri 7-8:30 AM Contestations over gendered labour in Dutch colonial kitchens. Kathleen Burke / Betelnut and love magic in early colonial Manila. Stephanie Mawson. Beyond Cooking: Global Histories of Food-Making and Gender across the Early Modern World. 4 part Seminar. CRASSH U of Cambridge. UK HERE postponed

Mar 25 Fri 12 The Universal Language of Food. “Explore several popular cuisines with celebrated chefs, who will tell the stories and share the recipes behind their favorite dishes.” AARP not have to be member HERE //

Mar 25 Fri 1 Brewing Up History in Milwaukee. “European immigrant founders of the 1840s, and iconic brands such as Miller, Pabst and Schlitz…” AARP not have to be member HERE //

Pickers' checks or tokens in Maryland blog post HERE

Mar 25 Fri 6:30-8:30 African American and European American Truck Farmers and Picker’s Checks in Northern Anne Arundel County MD . Panel discussion. Northern Arundel Cultural Preservation Society HERE

Mar 25 Fri 7:30-9 International Waffle Day! Norwegian Waffles Three Ways. Romayne Kilde. Nordic Heart $19 HERE //

Mr 26 Sat 10AM Almshouses, Orphanages, and Reform Schools. Mike Miscoski. Delaware Genealogical Society. HERE

Mar 26 Sat 2 An Appetite for Film: Food in the Movies. John Trafton. King County Library System HERE

Mr 26 Sat 2 Eat like an Inca “Locro” and salty “Humitas.” “the pre-Hispanic cuisine, the history behind the products, and learn to cook something really exotic …” Heygo HERE //

Mar 26 Sat 3-5 Wine and Truth: The Ancient Greek Symposium. “elaborate system of preparing and serving wine, enjoyed by small groups of men in a practice called the symposium.” Dr. Kathleen M. Lynch. The Denver Society of the Archaeological Institute of America HERE

Mar 27 Sun 2 The Big Chill: Early Environmental Histories of Climate Change. TBD Thomas M. Wickman. author of Snowshoe Country: An Environmental and Cultural History of Winter in the Early American Northeast Historic Deerfield. tape for two weeks HERE

Mar 27 Sun 3 Roman Cuisine: Evolution of Food in Italy's Lazio Region. Gina Tringali. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Mar 27 Sun 4:30 The last day of Pompei. Simone L. World Virtual Tours. HERE //

Mr 28 Mon 9:30AM -12:15 Sources and Voices: Archives, Writing, and the Irish Diaspora. 2 panels of speakers. NUI Galway Library and The Moore Institute. HERE //

Mr 28-9 M-T 10AM - Charting African Waterscapes: A Conference on African Maritime History. “fisheries, whaling, marine ecology, colonialism of marine spaces and resources, spiritual beliefs and water deities, global maritime trading networks, and the transoceanic slave trade.” Many speakers and topics HERE //

Mar 28 Mon 12 Well Seasoned Heirlooms. “culinary practices, recipes and personalized cookbooks of women throughout Delaware history.” Kimberly Fritsch. Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs. HERE

Mar 28 Mon 4:30 Rome after the Fall of the Roman Empire. The Pilgrim, Merchant, Baron. Simone L. World Virtual Tours HERE

Mar 28 Mon 5 Kitchen Spices 101: History, Myths, and Legends. Francine Segan. Context Travel $36.50 with tape HERE

Mar 28 Mon 5 Follow Your Arrow. The Women of Brown-Forman. McCauley Adams “explores the career journeys of three women leaders in the field of wine and spirits.” Les Dames New York $25 HERE //

Mar 28 Mon 5:30-7 Sourdough 101 Part 4 Cake. Heike Meyer. Brot Bakery. City Market Classes & Events HERE

Mar 28 Mon 5:30-7 Dining with Jane Austen: Food in Georgian and Regency England. Carl Raymond. NY Adventure Club. Tape one week $10 HERE

Real Bread Bakers documentary to raise funds for #bakersforUkraine is now streaming. $3+ HERE //

Mar 29 Tue 12 Real Bread Bakers, panel discussion on Ukraine and the documentary “about how bread, community, nutrition, and agriculture are closely intertwined” with Andrew Whitley of 'Scotland The Bread', Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova of @BreadHousesNetwork, Mark Anthony Arceño, Zev Robinson film maker and more. HERE //

Mar 29 Tue 3 Bubbly Badasses: Women in the History of Champagne. Cynthia Coutu. Context Travel $36.50 with tape HERE

Mar 29 Tue 4 Africa Cookbook. Sankofa Series. Langston Hughes Library and Good for your Soul. HERE

Mr 29 Tue 5:30 WWII in Paris: the Occupation. “life of both Parisians and German occupiers… survive the supply rationing; how museums managed to protect the most famous masterpieces…“ Leo Kavernicol €17.18 HERE //

Mar 30 Wed 9AM Last Mile Seed Systems in Fragile Contexts. Four examples. SCALE HERE

Mar 30 Wed 11AM Transpacific Engagements: Trade, Translation, and Visual Culture of Entangled Empires (1565–1898) Book panel series. 1/3 (Ap26, May25) Getty Center CA, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz HERE //

Mar 30 Wed 7 The Making of a Chicago Master Chef and Chicago’s Food Evolution. Chef Michael Maddox. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPE may be HERE //

Mar 30 Wed 8-9:30 Secrets of Sushi. Sarah Lohman, Jonathan Soma. Masters of Social Gastronomy. Brooklyn Brainery $9 HERE //

Mr 31 Thu 11AM-12 Scorched Earth: A Conversation on War and the Environment. Emmanuel Kreike author of Scorched Earth: Environmental Warfare as a Crime against Humanity and Nature. Roosevelt Institute for American Studies. HERE //

Mar 31 Thu 12 The Politics of Food: Scarcity and Abundance, Violence and Repair. Ute Meta Bauer and panel. MA Curatorial Practice at the School of Visual Arts. HERE

Mar 31 Thu 12-1:30 Close Reading of Maison Rustique. 1619 “world of early modern bread.” Rubel's Bread History Seminar. William Rubel HERE

Mr 31 Thu 1 Traditional Food Preservation and Dehydration. Audrey Logan is a Nehiyaw (Cree) /Métis traditional food grower and knowledge keeper. Green Action Centre HERE //

Mar 31 Thu 1 Cook with me! Chinese Spinach Hand-Rolled Noodle Workshop. “Northern China is made up of largely wheat based dishes, such as steamed buns, wontons, dumplings, pancakes and noodles… eaten to celebrate the birth of a newborn … then on each birthday as a wish for longevity… respect for loved ones who have recently passed away.” Goldsmiths Confucius Institute. U London. HERE //

Mar 31 Thu 6 Roots, Resistance, and Reclamation. “How are Black women embracing the roots of African Diasporic food systems, culture, and practices … resisting the current food system through AI and reclaiming food and land?” Panel of speakers. Spelman College and Food Tank HERE

Mar 31 Thu 7 Year of the Garden 2022 in Canada. Panel. Canadensis Botanical Garden Society HERE

Mar 31 Thu 7-8:30 Sugarbush Season: Anishinaabe Traditions Connect Us to Our Environment. Elizabeth Chivis Whitepigeon. Holland Museum MI HERE canceled

Mr 31 Thu 7:30 Local grain agriculture. John Draper. Spring Speakers Series. Old Wye Mill Md. HERE //

Mar 31 Thu 8pm Shaker churek (Azerbaijani cookie) “baked during Novruz Bayramı a traditional holiday in Azerbaijan which celebrates the Persian New Year and the coming of Spring.” Multicultural Cooking Class. Waverley Library HERE

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