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*Italian foodways in Italy and America HERE

*Peat harvesting blog post photo montage and talks HERE

May 1 – 31 The Story of the Lū’au: Dance and Cooking Demonstration. Smithsonian Institute. American Indian Museum. HERE TAPE HERE

May 1 Sat 9-10:30 am The Flour Dealer in Georgian England. “reality of travel and politics in Georgian England. Carriages, barges and rail, poverty and petitions, grains and grievances,” Hilary Hartigan author of The Flour Dealer: travel and politics in Georgian England. Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society. HERE not taped

May 1 Sat 1 Celebrating the Salad: From the Monticello Gardens to Your Own Backyard. “Jefferson’s gardens and the enslaved gardeners. 330 varieties of vegetables were cultivated.” Monticello $25 tape for limited time HERE

May 1 Sat 1-2:30 18th Century Virtual Tea. Susan McLellan Plaisted. Bolton Mansion PA $15 HERE

May 1 Sat 1-3 Exhibition Workshop: Forage and Botanical Drawing. join Botanical Illustratror Wendy Hollender to forage and draw. Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at NYU exhibit The Empire’s Physician: Prosperity, Plague, and Healing in Ancient Rome. HERE FULL

May 1 Sat 2 Food and Culture: An Italian Perspective. Evolution of Italian culture through food. Musco Center for the Arts HERE TAPE HERE

May 1 Sat 3-5 Tasting History of the 1930s. Explains the old tools, techniques. Mock Apple Pie, Ellie Carlson of Ellie Presents. Elmhurst History Museum HERE FULL not taped

May 1 Kentucky Derby - Mint Juleps, Benedictines, Bourbon Balls blog posts HERE

May 1 Sat 4-5:30 The Ultimate Kentucky Derby Party + Cocktail Class! History of Mint Juleps, Ky Bourbon, Pimento Cheese & Benedictine sandwiches. Erin R. Petrey $30 HERE

May 1 Sat 5:30 Derby Party Mix-Along. “three cocktails inspired by the races. You’ll learn tricks for making great cocktails as well as the history and stories that go with the drinks.” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

May 1 Sat 7-8:30 Going to Guyana - A Virtual Tour of the Country and its Rum. “legendary wooden stills which once supplied Britain's Royal Navy… one of the last sugar mills making authentic Demerara sugar” Matt Pietrek. Museum of Distilled Spirits $25 HERE

May 2 Sun 10-11:30 Turkey - Iftar in Istanbul. “Iftar (breaking of the Fast in Ramadan) from Turkey and a celebration of Turkish cultural heritage.” MACFEST - Muslim Arts and Culture Festival TAPE HERE

May 2 Sun 1-2:30 Eat Like Sultans!-Ottoman Palace Cuisine Cooking Class. “two 16th-century meals… food, history and culture.” Gokcan Aydogan €25 HERE

May 2 Sun 2 Tastes of the Seville Fair. “Discover Seville’s April Fair and Cook Pescaíto Frito.” Atlas Obscura. $24 HERE

May 2 Sun 2 Cooking in Iran: Regional Recipes & Kitchen Secrets. Najmieh Batmanglij. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC HERE TAPE HERE

May 2 Sun 3:30 Taste of Scotland: Scottish Shortbread. 6+ with adult. Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

May 2 Sun 5 Food and Economics. Food Anthropology Course. “how food influences the economy of cities, countries, and entire nations.” Age Group: 6+ with adult supervision. Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

May 3 Mon 10PM The Olive in California: History of an Immigrant Tree. author Dr. Judith Taylor. Saratoga Historical Foundation HERE TAPE HERE

May 4 Tue 9am London’s Food Factories. Victorian Peak Freans, Sarsons and McVities. Rob Smith. Foot Prints of London. £6.00 HERE

May 4 Tue 12-1:15 Around the World in 80 Gardens. Dr. Richard Benfield. Virtual U Lecture. AARP CT not need to be member HERE TAPE HERE July 2020

May 4 Tue 2:45-4 Coffee: A Global History. By author Jonathan Morris. St Albans & Hertfordshire Architectural & Archaeological Society. £5 HERE

May 4 Tue 3 Life in Dulwich in WW2 Part 1. [Pt 2 June 1] “lead-up to the outbreak of war, fascism, evacuation, civil defense, rationing, the Blitz and bomb damage, Dulwich Picture Gallery's dilemma and everyday life.” National Loaf (brown bread) Brian Green. Bell House UK £5 HERE TAPE HERE TAPE for pt 2 HERE

May 4 Tue 4-5:30 Culinary Luminaries: Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor. With panel of her daughters, former editors, colleagues, and mentees, Dr. Jessica B. Harris. Food Studies, The New School NY HERE TAPE HERE

May 4 Tue 8:30 Ossoli Cookbook, a fundraiser for the first public beach in Highland Park, IL. A joint meeting with Highland Park Public Library, Highland Park Historical Society. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE

May 4 Tue 10-11:30 PM Food in Space in Fiction and Reality. Science Fiction writers at first did not mention food, then “solutions were often novel, but impractical. How do their fantasies match up with reality? Are authors getting it right now?” Richard Foss. Renaissance Society Sacramento CA HERE no tape

May 5 Wed 11-12:30 Farming and feasting in Neolithic Greece: insight from multi-isotopic analyses at Makriyalos and Kouphovouno. Archaeology Seminar Series. School of Humanities, U of Glascow Scotland HERE

May 5 Wed 5:30-7 The Bradley Martin Ball of 1897: Grandest Party of the Century. “most expensive private party ever given” in the US. Costumes, food. Richard Jay Hutto. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

May 5 Wed 6:30 Saving Chinatown and Our Legacies. Part of CULINASIA: The Future of Asian Food in America. Smithsonian Associates. $25 HERE TAPE HERE

May 5 Wed 7 Domestic Soldiers: British Housewives and the Second World War. Jen Purcell. Vermont Humanities HERE TAPE HERE

May 5 Wed 7:30-9 PM Famine Foods: Plants We Eat to Survive. “examine alternative foods in human societies throughout the world, from hunter-gatherers to major nations.” Paul Minnis. University of Arizona Press HERE TAPE HERE

May 5 Wed 8-9:30 The Mexican Art of Tequila. For Cinco de Mayo. History, production, tasting. Will Hadjigeorgalis. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

May 6-27 Thursdays 8AM Town and Country: Perspectives from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas. “nature and evolution of town–country relationships in Ireland through the ages.” May 20 Lawyers, merchants and peasants: town and country interaction in early modern Ireland. Royal Irish Academy HERE TAPES all HERE; Monastic tenants, Viking raiders and Hiberno-Norse townspeople HERE; Town and country in later Medieval Ireland HERE; HERE; Lawyers, merchants and peasants: town and country interaction in early modern Ireland; Dublin Suburbs in Modern Ireland; Plenary: Medieval towns: why we need to take account of the country

May 6 Thurs 10-12 A Bite of China. History, demo of “three most famous types of Chinese cuisine: Huaiyang, Sichuan and Yue traditional cuisine.” The Chinese Cousine Festival. HERE

May 6 Thur 12-1:30 Mediaeval Fireplaces. “provide heat, light and something to cook food on. and… as a vehicle for showing partisan loyalties during the Wars of the Roses.” James Wright. Triskele Heritage HERE not taped

May 6 Thur 12 Egyptian Bread Continued! Bread Seminar #24 and baking by author William Rubel. Join Rubel's Facebook page Bread History and Practice for future topics and details HERE Register HERE TAPE HERE

May 6 Thur 1:30-2:30 The stories of plants. “plants, flowers and gardens around the world – and through the year.” Jonathan Drori (author Around the World in 80 Plants), Sarah Raven and Sir Tim Smit (author The Lost Gardens of Heligan, UK) 5x15 Donation HERE TAPE HERE
May 6, 13, 20 Thur 3-3:30 Moments of CARE - 75th Anniversary of the CARE Package. End of WWII created “CARE Packages of lifesaving food and supplies.” June 9 Wed 6-6:45: CARE Package Cook-off featuring contents from the original CARE Package. CARE USA HERE Facebook live TAPE HERE

May 6 Thur 4 The Safety of Fermented Foods: Raw-milk vs. Pasteurized Cheese(s). “cultural history and practical implications of U.S. food safety regulation of cheese since 1949.” Heather Paxson. Fermentology. Info and TAPE HERE

May 6 Thur 6 Of the Highest Finish: Silver in the White House Collection. “where they were purchased, who made them, how they were used, and how they were cared for.” Melissa Naulin. Wilton House $10 HERE

May 6 Thur 6:30-8 The Court Cuisines of Medieval Cyprus. “court cuisine of the Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus founded in 1192 and lasting until it became part of the Venetian Republic in 1489.” Dr. William Woys Weaver. Culinary Historians of New York $10 HERE TAPE HERE

May 7 Fri 8:15-9AM Lunchtime Legends: Claudia Roden with Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich of Honey Co. Culinary legends meet contemporary chefs whose work they have inspired. British Library access 48 hrs HERE TAPE HERE

May 7 Fri 1-2 Louis XIV, King of Gardens. Dr Philip Mansel, author of King of the World: the life of Louis XIV. The Gardens Trust. £5 HERE Great talk // Books: “Plan du jardin potager du roy a Versailles” veg and fruit garden in town Plat translated to book Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie. Instruction pour les jardins fruitiers et potagers. Evely complet gardener; – Relation d’un voyage du Levant fait par ordre du ROY par M. Pitton de Tournefort A Paris, de l’imprimerie royale. MDCCXVII. Site internet BnF Gallica. TAPE HERE

May 7 Fri 1-2:30 The Sweet and Stimulating History of Sugar and Coffee in Brooklyn. “Coffee King John Arbuckle and Sugar King Henry Osborne Havemeyer —86% of the nation’s coffee and 98% of its sugar were roasted and refined in Brooklyn.” Lucie Levine. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

May 7 Fri 2:30 Exhibiting Excess: Food through Art and History. exhibit at Louvre-Lens museum “The Tables of Power: A History of Prestigious Meals, spanning 5,000 years of the culinary arts.” Ivan Day, Dr. Helène Bouillon. British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE TAPE HERE

May 7 Fri 2-3:30 Foraging for Colour: Plants, Paints, and Natural Pigments. “make your own paints, botanical inks, and dyes from foraged plants, trees, fruit.” Marissa Stoffer. Great Place Falkirk HERE

May 7 Fri 4:30 or May 19 Wed 6:30 Girl Scout Cookie Baking Party. Bake a cookie and learn history of GS cookies. Girls K-12 and families not in scouts. Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana HERE

May 7 Fri 5-6:30 Absinthe and Its Threatening Mystique. “distillate flavored with anise, fennel, and wormwood, was first consumed for medicinal purposes and then for pleasure. The heyday” was Paris mid 19th cen. Diana Pittet. Context Travel Conversations. $36.50 with tape HERE

May 7 Fri 9:30pm An Ode to Our Mothers: Passing on Culinary Traditions. Asian American Journalists Assn. - Los Angeles HERE TAPE HERE

May 7 Fri 9:30-11pm The Ultimate Wine Crash Course: History, Science, & Expert Tips. Amy Karasavas. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

May 7 Fri 10:30pm We are how we eat: A discussion on Food, Sustainability and History. Singapore traditional food histories, agri-food technology. Neo Xiaoyun, Christopher Leow and Firdaus Sani. Ethos Books HERE

May 8 Sat 12-1:30 Medieval Catalan live cooking class. Hannah of Devour Tours in Barcelona Spain. Meadows Museum $15 HERE

May 8 Sat 1-3 Beyond Soul Food: Soul Food Influencers. “major cultures, ethnicities, traditions and customs that have influenced soul food cuisine.” Lachelle Cunningham. Mississippi Market Co-op HERE

May 8 Sat 1-2:15 The Heart of Romanian Cuisine. Cooking at Home with Irina Georgescu. “the cultural influences of Romanian cuisine and more than a few tricks on how to cook with cornmeal ‘the Romanian way.’” Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

May 8 Sat 1:30 Booking the Cooks: Literature and Gastronomy. Ronald W. Tobin. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE TAPE HERE

May 8 Sat 3 Rasam “is a delicate broth, typically based on sour fruits… many regional variations prepared throughout the Indian peninsula.” (tamarind pulp, tomatoes, lemons, pineapples) Priya Mani. Tradition Kitchens HERE TAPE HERE

May 8 Sat 3-3:30 For Mommy (Mother's Day Cocktails). whiskey cocktails, Bourbon for Mother's Day “course focuses on the history and cocktail stories.” Horseations HERE TAPE HERE

May 8 Sat 4 Tea is Served! Mother’s Day Weekend. From 1840 “correct tea etiquette, what a proper menu included, and why the custom of afternoon tea remains so enduringly appealing.” Dr. Leslie Goddard. Driehaus Museum $15 HERE

May 8 Sat 4-5:30 Raicilla! Live tour from Jalisco, Mexico. Khrys Maxwell. Museum of Distilled Spirits $29 HERE

May 8 Sat 7-8:30 Bubbles & Brie: Champagne for Beginners. History, how made, terminology, etiquette… WineSkipping $15 HERE

May 8 Sat 7-9 Caribbean Rum and the Making of the Atlantic World. Dr. Fred Smith, author of Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History. Stratford Hall VA $8 HERE TAPE HERE

May 9 Sun 6am Explore Bengali flavours from the streets of Kolkata. Fild £20 HERE

May 9 Sun 4-5:30 Dubai-Iftar in The Emirates. “Emirati culture, cuisine and heritage, including of the firing of the cannon in the United Arab Emirates.” Tamsin and Rashid. MACFEST - Muslim Arts and Culture Festival HERE

May 9 Sun 5 Nerikiri on Parade. Kimiko Gunji author of The Art of Wagashi: Recipes for Japanese Sweets that Delight the Palate and the Eyes. Nerikiri is a Wagashi made of “bean paste, rice flour dough and sugar, but by adding different colors and forming a variety of shapes out of the dough.” Japan House, U of Illinois HERE TAPE HERE 30 min

May 9 Sun 5 Food, Status, Power, and Politics. Food Anthropology Course. “We can learn a lot about power and status by exploring parties and celebrations.” Age Group: 6+ with adult supervision. Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

May 10 Mon 3-3:30 Conserving "Striking Iron: The Art of African Blacksmiths" exhibit. “stabilizing and treating the objects for display, travel, and long-term storage. …issues related to works in iron, such as weight, corrosion, and past use. Christian de Brer. Fowler Museum at UCLA HERE TAPE HERE

May 10 Mon 6:30-8 Funky Martini Gadgets and the 20th Century Martini Culture. Natasha Bahrami. Museum of Distilled Spirits $35 HERE

May 10 Mon 7 “Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits:” The origin of the apple and its early history in North America. Susan Dolan at NPS. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 10 Mon 7 Understanding Italian American Cuisine. “five distinct categories of Italian American cuisine and how they came to be.” Amy Riolo. Italian American Museum of Los Angeles. Info HERE Facebook live HERE TAPE HERE

May 11 Tue 12:30 Food Scribes, Food Lives. “From medieval recipes to 17th-century to our Turkic collections… items can tell us about cooking, diet, attitudes to food and how manuscripts offer wholly unique insights into food histories.” Dr Michael Erdman, Jessica Gregory, Dr Eleanor Jackson. British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

British Library. Collection guides. Food history: archives and manuscripts HERE

May 11 Tue 1-2:30 Food and Dining in New York's Gilded Age. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

May 11 Tue 2:15-4:15 Crossness engines past and present. Joseph Bazalgette sewage works (1859- ) Mike Jones. Greenwich Industrial History Society HERE TAPE may be HERE /

Bazalgette to the Thames Tideway Tunnel. Chris Binnie. Greenwich Industrial History Society TAPE HERE /

May 11 Tue 2:30 The British Cheese Playlist. Ned Palmer, author A Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles, Patrick McGuigan, Harry West. British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

May 12 Wed 9-11 Early Medieval Remedies for Treating Cough and Lung Disease. “herbal remedies in early medieval England; Old English texts and their medicinal plants.” Dr Anne Van Arsdall, Val Thomas, Dr Frances Watkins. Herbal History Research Network. £15 HERE

May 12 Wed 1 A Taste of Rome’s Historic Jewish Cuisine. Leah Koenig. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research HERE TAPE HERE

May 12 Wed 2-3:30 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Coronado and the Hotel Del. virtual tour “history, culture, architecture, and food that make Coronado so unique” Mark's Delicious Adventures HERE from 2020 TAPE HERE

Mar 12 Wed 2:30 Food in Service. In the Service of Food. Georgina Landmere (cook for Churchill) and Florence White started the English Folk Cookery Association. Dr Annie Gray, Sue Quinn. British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

May 12 Wed 6:30-8:30 The History of Scotch Whisky. A very good talk on the origins, how made, the Scots history with fights against government and taxmen, from small distilleries to consolidation. David McNicoll author of The Language of Whisky. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

May 12 Wed 7-8:15 Fungi and Plants: An Essential Romance. Mushrooms… Luke Sarrantonio. Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park HERE/

May 12 Wed 8 Crash Course in Comté. “history and process of Comté cheesemaking.” Formaggio Kitchen $5 HERE

May 12 Wed 9-10 Scotch Whisky Virtual Book Tour event! World Whisky Day (5/15). Margarett Waterbury author of Scotch: A Complete Introduction to Scotland’s Whiskies. Women Who Whiskey Seattle Chapter $39 HERE

May 13 Thurs 11AM Peated Malt Production Traditional Innovation. New peated malt facility to take “green malt (partially germinated barley) … for final kilning and incorporation of the peated flavour (defined as phenol)… in three strengths.” The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) HERE

May 13 Thur 11:30 What foods did your ancestors love? By Aparna Pallavi. TED talk followed by group discussion. “explores why once-essential culinary traditions disappear from people's lives and memories almost without notice “ HERE TAPE HERE

May 13 Thur 12:30 Preserving a nation: Alice Gomme’s work on collecting ‘feasten cakes’ for the 1891 Conversazione, London. Collected recipes for the cakes by ads in folklore journal Notes and Queries, resulting in forming ‘English Folk Cookery Assn’. Dr Deborah Albon. IHR Institute of Historical Research. U London HERE

May 13 Thur 1:30 The Earliest Botanic Gardens in the Middle East. Shahina Ghazanfar by London Natural History Society HERE TAPE HERE

May 13 Thur 2 The Qingming Festival: A Guide to the Customs and History. Its precursor, the Cold Food Festival, then the foods and customs of the Qingming Festival. MP Chinese £3 HERE

May 13 Thur 2 Pawpaws: The Complete Growing and Marketing Guide. “almost forgotten fruit, the pawpaw. Topics to include the culture and history of the pawpaw…” author Blake Cothron. New Society Publishers HERE TAPE HERE

May 13, 20 Thur 3-3:30 Moments of CARE - 75th Anniversary of the CARE Package. End of WWII created “CARE Packages of lifesaving food and supplies.” June 9 Wed 6-6:45: CARE Package Cook-off featuring contents from the original CARE Package. CARE USA HERE Facebook live TAPE HERE

May 13 Thur 5-6:30 Three Historic American Drinks. “the historical and social factors that led to the birth, death, and rebirth of the cocktail in America. For each of these three phases, a historic drink will be highlighted, and” made. Diana Pittet. Context Travel Conversations. $36.50 with tape HERE

May 13 Thur 6-7:30 Succotash Cooking Demo. History of succotash “an indigenous dish with deep cultural roots… tips and adaptations as she cooks, while also sharing stories, history, culture, & arts.” Lorén Spears of the Tomaquag Museum. Hope’s Harvest RI HERE TAPE HERE

May 13 Thurs 7 Ephrata Cloister and Old Economy Village: Agriculture and Horticulture in Pennsylvania German Spiritual Communities. staff from both museums. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum HERE TAPE HERE

May 13 Thur 7 Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue, with author and "Soul Food Scholar" Adrian Miller. HFSDV The Historic Foodways Society of the Delaware Valley HERE TAPE HERE

May 13 Thur 7 History + Highballs: Meshugganah. “Rob Clement, owner of Jewish deli, Meshugganah, will focus on a few specific dishes and how Jewish cuisine relates to food in the South.” N C Museum of History HERE TAPE HERE

May 13 Thur 7:30-9 The Archaeology of Beer. Patty Hamrick. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

May 13 Thur 7:45 Dining at the Dairy Restaurant. Ben Katchor illustrator and author. “also discuss dairy in Montreal and the family owners of Toronto’s United Bakers Dairy Restaurant” The Museum of Jewish Montreal HERE

May 13 Thur ?8 The Origins of Deep-Dish Pizza: What’s True, What’s False, and What’s Arguable. Peter Regas. Chicago Foodways Roundtable. Join email list for links HERE TAPE HERE

May 13 Thur 8pm Bress ‘n’ Nyam: Gullah Geechee Recipes from a Sixth-Generation Farmer. Author Matthew Raiford with Amy Condon; Dr. Jessica Harris. Politics and Prose HERE TAPE HERE

May 13 Thur 9:30-11pm Rye Whiskey: America's Forgotten Spirit. New York Adventure Club $10 HERE

May 14 Fri 2 The Origins & Domestication of Cacao. Samantha Schmell. ShopRite Nutrition Team HERE

May 14 Fri 6:30 History and Horticulture: Of Plants and Presidents. The White House Gardens Through the Years. Jessica Damiano. East Hampton Library HERE

May 14 Fri 7-9 Ancient Alcohol After Hours “unexpected beer brewing techniques from South America” one from agave plant and “chicha, an ancient Andean beer made from chewed corn.” Tour and Beer Pairing. Penn Museum $10 HERE

May 15 Sat 8AM Taste of Art. LUAG Family Workshop “pairing cuisine and recipes from the local SouthSide Bethlehem Pa. community with works of art from LUAG.” Maite Gomez-Rejon of Artbites. Lehigh University Art Galleries PA HERE rescheduled

May 15 & 16 S&S 12:30 Pizza Margherita (2 sessions). Neapolitan style Pizza and Roman ‘Pizza in Teglia'. Make dough and rise for next day. Mariella Bliss. £27.54 HERE /

May 15 Sat 1 Limoncello and Granita: A Taste of Sicily. “Greeks were making it [Granita] using ice from Mount Etna in Sicily over 2000 years ago!” Michael Sampson. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 15 Sat 1-2:30 Food history tour of Elmwood. Memphis Restaurants and the Elmwood Cemetery residents who started them. $20 HERE

May 15 Sat 1:30 The Glorious American Soda Fountain. Charles Perry. Culinary Historians of San Diego. HERE TAPE HERE

May 15 Sat 2-3:30 Masala Chai: A Ritual Steeped in Tradition. Kyle Stewart $15 HERE

May 15 Sat 2:30-4 Garum: Ancient Umami and Modern Gastronomy. Panel: Harold McGee, Pere Planaguma, Aylin Tan, Dimitra Mylona and Sally Grainger author of The Story of Garum: Fermented Fish Sauce and Salted Fish in the Ancient World. Turquazz culture. May 2021 2.5 hrs. Facebook Live TAPE HERE Youtube live HERE /

May 15 Sat 3-4:30 Cooking with The First Ladies: Rosalynn Carter. “: a Plains Georgia Cheese Ring, Peanut Butter Pie, the Carter’s Corn Bread.” Sarah Morgan. Washington DC History & Culture HERE TAPE HERE

May 15 Sat 5-6:30 Sweet Treats: The Most Iconic Desserts in American History. “Election Cakes, Martha Washington’s Currant Cake, Boston Cream Pie, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Chocolate chip cookies.” Francine Segan. Contex/t Travels $36.50 HERE

May 16 Sun 10-11:30am Tsimes and the Maisils across the 20th century Russia: food and history. “classic Ashkenazi dessert, tsimmes, and discover the history of a Jewish family in Russia across the 20th century.” Anna Kharzeeva author of The Soviet Diet Cook Book. $15 HERE

May 16 Sun 11 Oysters and Champagne: From Jan Steen to Édouard Manet. In art, science and history. Dr. Demet Guzey. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 16 Sun 2-3:30 The Flora of the Pharaohs: Plants, Trees and Flowers of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt Alive $11.62 HERE /

May 16 Sun 4-5:30 What is: Mezcal? Raicilla? Bacanora? Destilado de Agave? Sotos? From the Agave plant “how they relate to and are different from tequila.” Khrys Maxwell. Museum of Distilled Spirits $25 HERE

May 16 Sun 4-5:15 Puerto Rican Cuisine in America. Oswald Rivera. Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor CHAA. Ann Arbor District Library HERE TAPE HERE

May 16 Sun 5 A Love Letter from Our Ancestors: How recipes help us reclaim our history. Food, Recipes, and Our Roots. Dr. Jessica Harris. WomenX $25 HERE /

May 16 Sun 7-10 Spreckels' Sugar Empire. From mid 1800s the spreckels built “sugar empire would reach from Hawaii to the San Francisco Bay Area…influence on the businesses, railroads and museums.” Bruce Bennett. San Francisco City Guides HERE

May 17 Mon 9am Sharing your parks and gardens research [and images]: Enriching The List - National Heritage List for England NHLE – buildings and landscapes. Gareth Lopes Powell. from Series on researching and recording historic designed landscapes. The Gardens Trust HERE also June 14 use remote sensing tools /

May 17 Mon 11:30-12:30 Militant candies in the Soviet Union. “analysis of 200 Soviet candy wrappers, printed in the 1920s-50s, they also fed people’s mind with propaganda. Dr. Raluca Parfentie. Digital Materialities Webinar series #7. Material Culture @LarcaParis Universite de Paris HERE TAPE HERE

May 17 Mon 7-8:30 The Bitter Sweet Negroni : A Seminar. “equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth… the recent resurgence of bitter cocktails.” Natasha Bahrami. Museum of Distilled Spirits $35 HERE

May 18 Tue 5 All about olive oil with Chef Maria Loi. Les Dames New York $20 HERE

May 18 Tue 6 Dolcemaro (bittersweet): changing times in rural Tuscany. A food historian looks back at her 50 years in Tuscany and the changes. Nancy Harmon Jenkins. Camden Public Library ME HERE /

May 18 Tue 6-7:15 Cooking at Home: Malaysia's Nyonya Cuisine. “a mixture of coastal Chinese food with rich Malay ingredients and warm spices.” Linda Tay Esposito. Milk Street Live, Boxton $24.95 HERE

May 18 Tue 6-7:30 Domestic Staff: Their Work, Their Houses, Their Lives, from the Federal Period through the Gilded Age. Jennifer Pustz, author of Voices from the Back Stairs: Interpreting Servants’ Lives at Historic House Museums. Panel from 5 museums The Gibson House, Waltham's Gore Place, Newport's Elms Mansion, New York's Merchant's House Museum, and Akron, Ohio's Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens. $10 HERE /

May 18 Tue 6-7:30 Farm-To-City. Tour of the colonial Dyckman Farmhouse Museum. Culture Pass HERE

May 18 Tue 7 Uncorked! Wine, Objects & Tradition. Leslie B. Grigsby, Senior Curator of Ceramics and Glass at Winterthur. Historic Annapolis $15 HERE
Uncorked! Wine, Objects & Tradition 2012 exhibit at Winterthur. It was a delightful exhibit HERE TAPE tour HERE

May 18 Tue 7 Preserving the Kauffman Farm: over 250 years of Pennsylvania German Agriculture. “a very well preserved farmstead in the Oley Valley… owned by the Kauffman family for 271 years.” now owned by non-profit. Jim Lewars. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum HERE Oley Valley Heritage Assn 2019 TAPE HERE

May 18 Tue 10-11:30 PM Dining on the Rails. “Train chefs prepared food from scratch. Dining cars were set with fine china, crystal and silver. Earlier train travel, however, wasn’t so posh.” Marilyn Sommerdorf. Renaissance Society Sacramento CA HERE Renaissance Café TAPE HERE

May 18 Tue 10pm Honoring the History of Indigenous Peoples of the Bay Area. “horticultural and medicinal ways Ohlone peoples use to take from and give back to the land.” Francis Mendoza. Alameda Backyard Growers CA HERE

May 19 Wed 9-10am How the British Imperial Trade in Rice Transformed Rural Southern India, Malarvizhi Jayanth. // Battling Banana Blight: A Multispecies Political Ecology of Panama Disease in Jamaica, 1911-1962, Matt Plishka. 2 short talks. Culture, Things, and Empire Virtual Seminar Series UK HERE FULL

May 19 Wed 1 Dining with Jane Austen: Food in Georgian and Regency England. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

May 19 Wed 2 Wonderful Things about Bees. “The evolution of honeybees [over 40 million years] and the impact they have made on so many other species.” Professor Robert Pickard. Cambridgeshire Beekeepers Association HERE /

May 19 Wed 2:30 Stories from Inside the Coffee Cup. “explores coffee farming and indigenous communities, primarily through the lens of Sarawak, Malaysia… Sarawak has been part of reviving a growing tradition that centres local communities.” British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE TAPE HERE

May 19 Wed 3-4:30 Shakespeare's Local: Seven Centuries of History Seen Through One Extraordinary Pub. George Inn, Southwark, “the last galleried coaching inn in London… and why the George has survived for centuries.” author Pete Brown. PeteBrown Book Club. £3.50 HERE

May 19 Wed 5 Redefining Heritage: Garbage to Gardens. “three Essex County agriculture experts to learn about the history of sustainable growing and the future of healthy soils.” Essex Heritage, MA HERE TAPE HERE

May 19 Wed 5 When in the Renaissance, eat as the artists ate. Botticelli, Caravaggio, Brunelleschi Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Pontormo. Florence, Italy. Curious Appetite Travel $30 HERE

May 19 Wed 5 A Brief History of USDA Food Guides from 1916 to Today. Samantha Schmell. ShopRite Nutrition Team HERE

May 19 Wed 5 Dinner with Socrates: Feasting in Ancient Greece. Francine Segan. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 19 Wed 6 Native Edible Plants. In the Hudson Valley NY. “native edible fruiting plants…Paw Paws, Beach Plums, Aronia, and Spikenard.” Allyson Levy, Scott Serrano. Morton Library and Community House HERE /

May 19 Wed 7:30 Make Your Own Kefir. “legend and mystique of its origins… learn to make kefir cheese.” Mary Kingsley of Lady Farmer HERE

May 19 Wed 8 Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue. author Adrian Miller. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPES HERE Podcasts HERE

May 19 Wed 9:30-11pm The Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony w/ Urasenke Tea Masters. History, ceremony, make matcha green tea. New York Adventure Club $10 tape week HERE /

May 20 Thur 8AMLawyers, merchants and peasants: town and country interaction in early modern Ireland. Royal Irish Academy HERE TAPE HERE

May 20 Thur 11-1 A Tale of Two Lancaster’s: Archipelagos of Enclosure, Exploitation and Resistance. “Lancashire’s [UK] sugar houses and cotton mills, and Lancashire-owned sugar and cotton plantations [British Guiana] formed part of the same archipelago of enclosure and exploitation.” Imogen Tyler HERE POSTPONED

May 20 Thur 1 A Taste of Barcelona. “urban and culinary development throughout history.” authors Rosi Song, Anna Riera. Instituto Cervantes Manchester and Leeds HERE TAPE HERE

May 20 Thur 1-3 Jamaican Street Food. “Jamaican Fried Fish & Salsa, Rice & Peas, Lime & Coconut Cake.”Jenny Thomson. Courses For Cooks £30 HERE

May 20 World Bee Day

May 20 Thur 1:30-2:30 World Bee Day: Beekeeping and biodiversity. Panel of speakers. HERE /

May 20 Thur 2:30 Madhur Jaffrey: A Life In Food. Author of An Invitation to Indian Cookery and Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery BBC show. British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

May 20 Thur 3-3:30 Moments of CARE - 75th Anniversary of the CARE Package. End of WWII created “CARE Packages of lifesaving food and supplies.” June 9 Wed 6-6:45: CARE Package Cook-off featuring contents from the original CARE Package. CARE USA HERE Facebook live TAPE may be HERE

May 20 Thur 3-5 Victorian kitchen gardens. Walled gardens, glasshouses, training of gardeners, gardening mags, competitions. Kate Harwood. Abbots Langley Gardening Society HERE

May 20 Thur 4 Exploring Food & Music: Japanese Edition. “history of Manga, and make a traditional Japanese culinary classic, Onigiri.” Naquawna Letman. Culinary Literacy Center HERE TAPE HERE

May 20 Thur 4 The Sourdough Library. “128 starters from 25 countries… This amazing collection of wheat, rye, rice, wholegrain, durum wheat etc. is maintained following the original protocol and the original flour.” Karl De Smedt. Fermentology. Info and TAPE HERE

May 20 Thurs 6 When the Groom Had His Own Cake: American Wedding Food Traditions. Sarah Wassberg Johnson. Rye Free Library NY HERE TAPE HERE

May 20 Thur 7 The Heirloom Seed Project: Preserving our Agricultural Heritage. “begun 35 years ago… to preserve heirloom seeds and the stories of those who have passed the seeds from generations… tips for seed saving for home.” Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum HERE /

May 20 Thur 7 The Chile Line: Historic Northern New Mexican Recipes. Liddie Martinez author. Slow Food Santa Fe HERE

May 20 Thur 7 The Chocolate King: Life & Legacy of Milton S. Hershey. Jennifer Henderson, Senior Archivist for Hershey Community Archives. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

May 20 Thur 7 Delicious: The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human. “Using insights from food science, neuroscience, anthropology and literally a dozen other fields.” authors Rob Dunn, Monica Sanchez; conversation with Reem Kassis, author of The Arabesque Table. NC State University Friends of the Library, Quail Ridge Books HERE TAPE HERE Mar 18 2021

May 20 Thurs 7:30 Celebrate AAPI Month: Tibetan Cuisine & Heritage. Kyikyi. AARP no member needed HERE /

May 21 Fri 8AM Lunchtime Legends: Elisabeth Luard with Olia Hercules. “how latitude, landscape and trade-routes traditionally dictate how people cook and eat. She has published some 20 cookbooks.” British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE TAPE HERE

May 21 Fri 10-11:15 The Flavors of Maryland history and cultural roots of beloved Old Bay seasoning, Smith Island cake, “Natty Boh” beer… Christine Rai. Smithsonian Associates $30 HERE

May 21-23 11am-9 [8amPST- ] Imperial Foodways: Culinary Economies and Provisioning Politics Conference. Workshop style with papers not formal talk. Variety of subjects and countries Colonial India, Brazil, Spanish Florida; panels on meat, beverages, scarcities in Colonial North America, sour and sweet… Panel 1 Meat, Panel 2 Beverages. History Dept. University of California, Santa Barbara HERE not taped

May 21 Fri 11:30-1 Grande Cuisine to Grand Opera: The History of French Food & Opera. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape on week HERE /

May 21 Fri 12 Open Orchard School: Heirloom Stonefruit. “public orchard containing 100 trees and hundreds of rare and heirloom varieties once grown in the NYC region, but which have disappeared due to climate change and industrial agriculture… stories of these rare stonefruits (such as peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, and cherries).” Sam Van Aken. NYC Parks GreenThumb HERE TAPES HERE

May 21 Fri 1 Behind-the-Scenes Virtual Tour of the Wyckoff House Museum. New York’s oldest house. Culture Pass HERE

May 21 Fri 1:30 A New History of the Vikings From Scandinavia to the Silk Road. author Dr Cat Jarman (River Kings: A new history…) talk with William Dalrymple author The Anarchy. How To Academy £15 HERE

May 21 Fri 2 Ice Cream Float Experience. Learn history of the float and make ice cream in bag Columbia Plaza. Cincinnati HERE

May 21 Fri 5 Cocktail-Making Class: Rum and the Caribbean. “historic and contemporary rum culture of Barbados” Diana Pittet. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 22-23 S-S The Maryland Iron Festival: Explore the Iron Road. Videos of various historic furnaces in Md and Pa, cooking by Henry Ward, Hampton and Rose Hill manors, the terrific Caswell family folk singers with the little girl sing & violin and Dad on banjo, Van Wagner sings and shows mining equipment, miner cap with lamp. High amount of zinc in bones of one furnace worker. Aug 23, 2020 festival had videos of various areas in Catoctin, craftsmen making an item, some early film of making iron HERE Catoctin Furnace Historical Society HERE TAPE HERE /

May [21-]22-23 11am-9 [8amPST- ] Imperial Foodways: Culinary Economies and Provisioning Politics Conference. Workshop style with papers not formal talk. Variety of subjects and countries. Panel 3 Scarcities in Colonial North America; Panel 4 Provisions and Power (includes Australian Damper & Ship’s biscuits; Panel 5 Sour and Sweet. History Dept. University of California, Santa Barbara HERE not taped

May 22 Sat 1 The Wines of the Langhe. Northern Italy. “history of the Langhe & Piedmont [and] the traditional grapes.” Evelyn. €8.68 HERE

May 22 Sat 1 Voices from Russia: the Volga-Germans. History of Germans in Russia, Dr. Brent Mai; “Sam Brungardt, an expert on Volga-German foodways who will discuss the delicacies that are unique to these peoples.” Russian - American Business & Culture Council (RABCC) HERE TAPE HERE

May 22 Sat 1 Food of the Italian South: Recipes for Classic, Disappearing, and Lost Dishes. By author Katie Parla. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 22 Sat 2 Italian Migrants and the Land. “Italians in America from the 1770s to the present listing all the contributions Italians made in the many different areas of American culture, agriculture, cuisine, industry…” Vincenza Scarpaci. Caffè Culturale HERE TAPE HERE

May 22 Sat 2-3:15 Paris Cafés—their Stories and Histories. (plus literature and art) Andrew Lear $12 HERE /

May 22 Sat 6 Ciderenaissance! “history of cider making in Europe and North America, taste 1 domestic and 1 European cider side-by-side, and talk about what makes a good cider great.” Rebel Rebel Wine Bar $10 HERE//

May 23 Sun 10-11:30 Alameda's Coolest Private Tiki Bar. Brian McDonald “collectible mugs, totems and special Rums” Alameda Architectural Preservation Society. HERE TAPE HERE

May [21-]23 11am-9 [8amPST- ] Imperial Foodways: Culinary Economies and Provisioning Politics Conference. Workshop style with papers not formal talk. Variety of subjects and countries. Panel 6 Agro-Imperialism, Panel 7: Kitchens. History Dept. University of California, Santa Barbara HERE not taped

"Still Life with Asparagus, Artichokes, Lemons and Cherries" by Blas de Ledesma (1556-1593/8) The Bowes Museum, Durham UK
May 23 Sun 11-12:30 The Art of the Artichoke. “from the 3rd century Roman mosaics in Tunisia to the Fontana del carciofo in Florence and Naples… what we know about how locals ate this vegetable and how it became a symbol of Roman cooking.” Dr. Demet Guzey Context Travel Conversations. $36.50 with tape HERE

May 23 Sun 1-3 Gastronomic Contributions from Mexico to the World. “Teotihuacan History and Food Tour: maize, tacos, and chocolate - a delicious trip from ancient to modern Mexico!” Impact Travel Collective $15 HERE

May 23 Sun 3-4:30 History in Our Own Time. Charlotte Observer, NC newspaper “Food editor Kathleen Purvis considers three big shifts in Charlotte’s foodways since the 1990s.” and reporter Franco Ordoñez on media changes. The Duke Mansion HERE

May 23 Sun 3 Finnish Baking & History in the Timmins Community Gardens. munkki, a Finnish Doughnut hole. and traditions. Eliisa. 101 Experiences HERE /

May 23 Sun 3-5 Online Perfect Afternoon Tea Party. “history, etiquette, and presentation… making some delicious finger sandwiches, scones, and a lemon tartlet” CocuSocial $25 HERE

May 23 Sun 3:30 Taste of the Czech Republic: Trdelník. Age 6+ with adult. Cultured Kids CuisineHERE //

May 23 Sun 5 Food And Beliefs. Food Anthropology Course. “types of foods we eat, the way we eat foods, and the time we choose to eat foods.” Age Group: 6+ with adult supervision. Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

May 24 Mon 9AM-12 Aesthetics, Food and Sharing. 7 papers on “aestheticised consumption of food, community stories centered around commensality, representations of food in art, and the cultural heritage of culinary traditions.” Postgraduate Colloquium. University of East Anglia HERE //

May 24 Mon 1 What’s with Wheat? “How can this ancient food go from glorified status for thousands of years, to becoming one of the most problematic foods in the modern diet?” Learn Sourdough HERE

May 24 Mon 1 Learn how to make Australian scones. History and “various different types of scones with different consistencies… why such a staple” at Australian teas. Anna. 101 Experiences HERE

May 24 Mon 1:30 Restoring Wild Salmon Populations. Rivers and Rewilding. The Atlantic Salmon Trust HERE TAPE HERE

May 24 Mon 3 London's East India Company Legacy. Rob Smith. Footprints of London $6 HERE

May 24 Mon 6 Dining with King Kalakaua. Hawaiian “meal, from the formal invitations, cuisine with libations, tableware, and more.” Zita Cup Choy. Iolani Palace $10 HERE

May 25 Tue 11-12:30 The Chinese in Britain: A History of Visitors and Settlers. author Barclay Price. CEACS, University of Nottingham HERE /

May 25 Tue 11:45-1:30 The Tacuina Sanitatis of Giangaleazzo Visconti: art, medicine and power. “evolving relationships between art, science and empirical experience in manuscripts at the court of Milan.” Dominic Olariu. The Murray Seminars at Birkbeck UK HERE A healthy Tacuinum, video presentation. Mr 2021 TAPE HERE

May 25 Tue 2-3 A Miller & his Mill, The story of John Else and Warney Mill. Daily records when he rebuilt Warney Mill in 1860, gr gr grand daughter and author Judith Cooper. Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust UK HERE TAPE HERE

May 25 Tue 6 Becoming Loisaida: Spanish Caribbean Food & Family on the Lower East Side. NYC 1950s Puerto Rican family in Tenement Museum, see her kitchen. Essex Market HERE TAPE HERE

May 25 Tue 6-7:15 The Flavors of Ethiopia. “injera—a sour fermented flatbread… korerima (ground black cardamom) and berbere (an addictive blend of red chilies, dried onion, garlic, ginger, black cardamom and more) that are used in everyday.” Cooking at Home with Eleni Woldeyes. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

May 25 Tue 6:30 100 Years of American Food Fads & Innovations. Francine Segan. AARP not need membership HERE /

May 25 Tue 7-8:30 Mysteries of Cognac Explored. “production, aging, and bottling practices. Plus, you'll get a crash course in how to read a Cognac label.” Jesse Cyr. Museum of Distilled Spirits $35 HERE

May 25 Tue 8-9:30 Mexico's History in 10 Dishes. Discover Oaxaca Tours $20 HERE

May 25 Tue 8-9:30 Recorrido Isleño : Second Stop, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. "Macabeo" is a green banana fritter stuffed with meat or vegetables known as a traditional dish in the town of Trujillo Alto.” Roberto Pérez of Urban Pilón. Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center. $20 HERE

May 26 [4 episodes] High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America. limited Netflix seriesHERE

May 26 Wed 1-2:15 Cooking & Gardening with Edible Flowers. The Creative Feast Cooking Series. Liz Barbour. AARP no membership needed HERE
May 26 Wed 1-2:30 Elite Landscapes: Beyond the Castle Gate. “providing food for the tables of castles and great houses, parks and gardens also had a highly symbolic and ritual element to play in Mediaeval life.” James Wright. Nottinghamshire Gardens Trust £5 HERE

May 26 2-5 World's Best Cider: Taste, Tradition and Terroir, from Somerset to Seattle. Authors Pete Brown, Bill Bradshaw. £3.50 HERE

May 26 Wed 2:30-4 Food & drink in middling households in the 16th & 17th century. Mark Dawson. Heritage Lincolnshire. UK £8.14 HERE

May 26 Wed 3 London's Historic Markets. Rob Smith, Footprints of London £6 HERE

May 26 Wed 6:30-8:15 Whisky: A Global Success Story. Progression from beginnings thro “the big four: Scotch, Irish, Bourbon and Canadian whiskies… to India, Japan… Australia, France, Sweden, Wales and a host of other countries… not without its missteps, battles and fights for survival, and a good deal of luck.” David McNicoll author of Language of Whisky. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

May 26 Wed 6:30 Afghan Cooking Class. Afghan culture and cuisine. Persian dumplings, mantu. Muhsena. LSSNCA $25 HERE

May 26 Wed 7 American Cider – Book Party and Tasting. History, flavor, where heading, mythbusting. authors Dan Pucci, Craig Cavallo, Angry Orchard's Ryan Burke. Heritage Radio Network $18 HERE

May 26 Wed 7-8:30 Cults! “mid-nineteenth century is thought of as a time of repression, but it also … utopian societies were often focused on building a better world through food… into the 20th cen.” Sarah Lohman, Jonathan Soma. Masters of Social Gastronomy. Brooklyn Brainery $9 HERE

May 26 Wed 8 Betty Crocker and Her Cookbook That Changed How America Cooks. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Cary Area Public Library. HERE

May 27 Thur 9am The Influence of the Seasons on the Japanese Table. Aiko Tanaka. IHR Institute of Historical Research. U London HERE TAPE HERE

May 27 Thur 12-1 Bakeries of Words. 1611 dictionary, Queen Anna's New World of Words and other dictionaries. Readings from Rubel’s forthcoming book. Bread History Seminar #25 with William Rubel. HERE

May 27 Thur 1 Sowthistles, pignuts and chickweed: is forage the new wild farming? Roger Philipps together with fellow foragers from Wales, Anatolia, and Newfoundland Kitchen Table. Oxford Symposium £15 HERE

May 27 Thur 2 Professed Jealousy: The Tale of Two Hexham Cooks. “Hannah Glasse, the daughter of a wealthy local landowner, was the author of the best selling recipe book of the period, The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy (1747). Ann Cook prepared food in her husband's Hexham Inn, but also wrote a cookery book The Professed Cook (1754)” Ivan Day. Northumberland Archives UK HERE FULL

May 27 Thur 2-3:30 Women in Medieval Lincoln. Many roles including mustardmaker. Cheesemaker, blacksmith, domestic. author Louise Wilkinson. Heritage Lincolnshire £8.14 HERE

May 27 Thur 2:30- The History of the Allotment Movement. Past histories “about relieving hunger, This talk reveals more of its history, one of intrigue, lawsuits, government, politics, wars, land grabs, art, culture, recreation and not least of all, want and plenty.” Dr Lesley Acton. Rothbury and Coquetdale History Society UK HERE

May 27 Thur 3 International Chardonnay Day. “the history, culture and people of the countries of which this wine comes from” APWASI Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute HERE

May 27 Thur 6:30 The Color of Water. Chestnut Hill’s Waterworks Museum and its original role as a pumping station. Democracy's Front Porch Webinar Series. The West End Museum HERE

May 27 Thurs 6:30-8pm A Taste of Old Colony History. Cook along historic recipes and local Massachusetts favorites with the museum staff in their kitchens. Recipe of the month to be sent after registering. Old Colony History Museum. Tauton MA HERE

May 27 Thur 7 Mid-Century Cuisine: Food Fads from the 40s through the 60s. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Ocean City Free Public Library. HERE

May 27 Thur 9:30-11 Bloody Mary Cocktails. “almost a hundred years of history, containing vodka, tomato juice, and layers of spices.” Manhattan Zodiac LLC HERE

May 28 or other day. Jeffersonian Open Hearth Cooking. Linda Ostrand cooks a favorite dish of Thomas Jefferson using original tools and techniques. Originally aired live on Jan. 21, 2021. Orange County Historical Museum $10 HERE

May 28 Fri 11 Understanding Newham History Through Food Production. “start with the tea trade through Newham’s docks, look at the east London factories that produced Newham’s sweets, and end with the impact food has on Newham today.” Newham Heritage Month UK HERE

May 28 Fri 5 Cocktail-Making Class: Bourbon and Rye, America’s Native Spirits. “Mint Julep, a classic Manhattan, Whiskey Sour. Diana Pittet. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 28 Fri 6 A Century of Sliders: Celebrating White Castle’s 100th Birthday. founding family members Erin Shannon, Maryann Kelley. Ohio History Connection $20 HERE A different celebration start at 29.00 Mar 10 TAPE HERE

May 28 Fri 7-9pm Cuban Comfort Food. Picadillo & Moro. Chef Jerry. CocuSocial $19 HERE //

May 29 Sat 11 Coffee: A Tradition and a Trend. “Cappuccino and espresso are part of Italian culture. History. Katie Parla. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 29 Sat 2 Fort from Home Victorian Cooking. Fort Nisqually Living History Museum $10 for tape, $15 HERE

May 29 Sat 3 Tuscany - Food, Wine & Traditions. Vineyards, olive groves, “truffles, the exquisite cured meats, the extra-virgin tuscan olive oil, the delicious Tuscan pecorino and the Chianina beef…” NextStopItaly HERE

May 30 Sun 11 Love of Lemons in Northern Renaissance Art. “In the 17th century, more than half of all still life and genre paintings produced by Dutch artists – over a quarter of a million – portrayed lemons. Lemons were not easy to grow in Northwestern Europe…” Dr. Demet Guzey. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 30 Sun 12 (weekly dif types) Tagliatelle con pomodoro e basilica with cookbook author in Florence, Italy. “Emilia-Romagna, the region home of egg-based pastas like tagliatelle and ravioli.” Patrizia Cantini. Curious Appetite Travel $40 HERE /

May 30 Sun 2 Sunday Sabor: Medieval Catalan Cooking. First “European cookbook not written in Latin. … the very first eggplant recipe that was written down in Europe.” Hannah. Atlas Obscura $25 HERE

May 30 Sun 4-5:30 Southern style hand formed pasta. Class make “semolina and water pasta…five traditional hand formed pasta shapes including cavatelli, sardinian gnocchi, orecchiette, capunti and lorighittas.” Laurie Boucher baltimorehomecook $40 HERE /

May 30 Sun 5-7 Sunday in the Park. “The Lu &Tiree Herb Garden in Valtice [Czech]…300 herb species... 18th Century orphans in Valtice Franz and Ferdinand Bauer, who later became world-renown botanic artists. Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences(SVU), New York Chapter HERE TAPE HERE

May 30 Sun 6 Finnish Baking & History. Eliisa. Timmins Community Gardens. 101 ExperiencesHERE

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