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I can't get my baby
to wake up to nurse

My newborn is extremely sleepy, and I am concerned that she is not nursing enough because I have such a hard time waking her.

Rousing techniques for the sleepy baby: lay baby on a flat surface, undress the baby, use cool cloths, walk fingertips up spine, give a bath (sponge if cord has not detached), and diaper change. If these ideas do not work, try having the baby nap in a room where you will see her so you can more easily observe when she moves from deep sleep to light sleep. You may have the most success rousing her when she is in a lighter phase of sleep. Your baby is probably beginning to be ready to waken and feed if she is making slight movements, her eyelids are fluttering slightly, she is bringing her hand to her mouth, or she is beginning to root. These feeding cues can be subtle and are easy to miss if baby is in a room by herself. Once she is waking more regularly on her own for feedings, she is probably ready to nap in a quiet room by herself.


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