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Breastfeeding Basics

Table of Contents

Affect of Maternal Diet
Before the Baby is Born
Benefits of Breastfeeding
Birth Choices
Case Studies
Breast Compression
Breastfeeding After Breast Surgeries
Establishing A Routine
Flat and Inverted Nipples
Formula Use
Healthy Growth Indicators
Milk Supply
Plugged Ducts and Mastitis
Sleepy Baby
Sore Nipples
Storage Guidelines
Things People Say

Like many women, it was my first, disappointing experience with breastfeeding that encouraged me to be better educated the second time around. Except in my case, it took almost ten years to get to do things differently! During the time that I waited to conceive again, including experiencing the grief of several miscarriages, I read books by many different authors and talked to many experienced breastfeeding moms. As a part of that journey, I became even more convinced that God's creation is amazing and I became an avid supporter of breastfeeding.

It was my experience as a classroom teacher (including adult education) that actually spurred my interest in becoming certified as a lactation counselor. I believe God gave me the gift of teaching and encouraging others, and as I found myself sharing what I had learned about breastfeeding with other women, I found my desire to be more qualified increasing. After checking into many different possibilities, God arranged the circumstances so that I could attend a week-long course to become certified as a lactation counselor. The class was in Florida, near my parents' home, and they were able to help take care of the children while I was in class. To my surprise, all the reading I had done in preparation for the class "stuck" and I realized that although I still had lots to learn (and I still do!), I actually had a solid foundation from which to work. At the end of the week I took an exam (which I later learned I passed) and here I am! I still need to log more hours in order to be able to apply to take the IBCLE (exam for top level of certification as a lactation consultant).

The information you find in the pages included in the table of contents is merely intended to be supportive in nature. If you are having problems of an emergent nature, or you are concerned about the health or well-being of your baby, please contact your physician or a lactation professional near you.
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