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Breastfeeding Resources Available on the Internet

Disclaimer: The inclusion of any site does not imply complete endorsement by me of all the contents on any site.

Kellymom: Breastfeeding and Parenting This site has all kinds of evidence based information about breastfeeding, including hard to find fact sheets like Infant Feeding in Emergencies. This is a great resource!

Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk Full length text and endnotes for the position statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics and its recommendations about breastfeeding.

La Leche League, Int. Official page of LLL, and provides in depth information on all kinds of issues connected to breastfeeding, including legal rights of breastfeeding women in America.

BreastfeedingOnline.Com There is a great article about adoptive breastfeeding and relactation here.

Answers to your Breastfeeding Questions A site maintained by a board certified lactation consultant with a frequently asked questions list and an optional personal consultation for a fee.

Fenugreek: One Remedy for Low Milk Production A short article by Kathleen Huggins (I highly recommend her book, The Nursing Mother's Companion)with information about the use of the herb, Fenugreek, if milk supply is lagging for some reason. I have provided this information to several women (including a mom of twins) who found it to be very helpful.

Baby Milk Action If you are in doubt whether or not you want to provide breastmilk for your baby, then this is a site to browse. You can read articles with research that document the unhealthy effects and ingredients of formula, and in addition, check out the companies that knowingly break the WHO code for the marketing of artificial baby milks.

The Natural Way A great place to shop for breastfeeding supplies or other products you need for the baby. Run by my friend, Dawn Lanser! You won't find better customer service anywhere!

Motherwear: the Complete Online Store and Catalog for Nursing Moms. This is my personal favorite online site for purchasing nursing things. On several occasions I was given a cash gift with my babies and I loved using it from Motherwear's catalog. Their things are high quality and tasteful.

Special Addition: Maternity and Nursing Mother's Boutique This site has all kinds of neat things for nursing moms including nursing clothing, slings, and more!

Elizabeth Lee Nursing Patterns and More! If you like to sew, then this is a "must see" web site that offers secure online ordering. There are all kinds of patterns, and many of them are easy to sew. You can also buy sling rings here!

Design in Infant Nutrition Are you wondering if God knew what He was doing when He created breastfeeding as a way to feed our babies? This article only served to increase my wonder at His powerful design!

101 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Baby I think the title of this article speaks for itself!

Breastfeeding Multiples This mom breastfed her triplets and offers support and information on breastfeeding multiples.


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