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Welcome to my ATV page
This page is dedicated to Off road riding.  Mostly ATV's but I will throw in some Cycle stuff as well.

A little About Me

I live in Frederick, Maryland.  I ride a 2001 Honda 400EX.  I do most of my riding up in Pennsylvania but I have also ridden in Western Maryland, Oklahoma, and Hatfield McCoy.  You can find some good links at the bottom of the page and also check out my Photo section.  



Here is the Photo Section


Tower City PA Updated February 2nd, 2001

Allegheny Labor Day 2000 With SMDR

Hatfield & McCoy Trail System in West Virginia

Other random Pics



ATV-Connection - Has lots of information on ATV's including reviews and also a very good tech section and Forums where you can posts questions or comments about your ride.

SMDR (Southern Maryland Dirt Riders) - This is the Dirt riding club that I belong to.  It is based in southern Maryland down near Waldorf.  Our home track is Budds Creek witch is a Pro-National MX track.  We get exclusive rights to ride on this track on certain days.


Tower City Trail Riders-  This is a very large area up in central Pennsylvania.  The club dues are $175 per year and you get to steak out your own personal camp site and like I said they have lots and lots of land to ride on.  It is an area of old coal mining that is no longer used as much.  The land is mostly forested with lots of up and down mountains.  Pretty much anything you would want to ride on is there except for Beach Sand.


ATV - Connection Forums - This is where you can discuss all the things that ail you.  they even have brand specific discussions so if you are a Yamaha fan or a Honda fan you can find like company.


AMA -The official web site of the American Motorcyclist Association - If you are not already a member you should join.  Even if you do not race or ride a street bike.  The AMA helps to support riders like you and me and keep trails open to the public.  They are our voice in congress and they fight for our right to enjoy our outdoor activities.


District 7 - This is the AMA sanctioned home for District 7 riders.  If you race in the Maryland/Virginia area.  If you plan on racing then you need to be a member of your respective district.  And let me warn you that you want to be a member before you go to the track.  Most tracks will let you sign up on the spot but there is usually a long line and it takes forever.  My advice is to already be registered before you race.


The ATV Online Network - This place has lots of useful information for the ATV community.  When you are not out on the trail then you should stop by and check it out.  They also have an ATV story section where you can read one of my good ATV stories.


Southern Knights ATV Club INC. - ATV club based in Roseland Florida.




Site is always under construction

Check back for updates

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