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Wildeskind's and Captain Outrageous's Sentinel Fan Fiction Archive

Hello and welcome to Wildeskind's and Captain O's Sentinel Fan Fiction Archive. If you don't know me/us then check out my Authors Page. Otherwise, enjoy our fic. Click here for the Disclaimers.

What's New?

Well, I'll say this, life is never boring. I have a new job now, which is good. I've lost two of my email accounts, which is not good. Anyone who wants to contact me, please use my new email address -

As for new fic, here's what I have for 2002 so far:

In Production:

I do have several series I'm trying to get down on paper. If any of them sounds exciting enough for you please write me and let me know and I'll try to get them out faster.

  • Bump and Grind - a sequel to A Touch of Leather.
  • Tell Me No Lies (Faux Paws Productions) - Jim's and Blair's beautiful neighbor, Leesha Timmons, has been seeing Simon off and on for a while. Now, when it looks like things are heating up for them, someone is looking to cool them off, permanently. Is there something that Leesha isn't telling Simon?
  • Random Acts of Kindness - After an incident involving the mayor's house and an elephant, Jim is sent to DC for a three week seminar. There, he meets an extra-ordinary woman who refuses to play by the rules. Can he protect her from her own good intentions?
  • Meeting of the Senses - Born with heighten sense, carries a gun, and chases bad guys and it's not Jim I'm talking about. Sage Whitmoor is a bounty hunter with an attitude and an edge over the bad guys. She and her partner, Joe Blackman, an ex-marine, come to Cascade while chasing down a rapist. Will Jim and Sage be able to work together to bring him down?

Faux Paws Production:

Virtual Season Five (Archived)

Check it out, The Sentinel is back! The people at FPP are bringing TS Fans more episodes. CO and WK were fortunate enough to be allowed to write two episodes. Here they are:

Donut Run 11/10/99 By Captain Outrageous and Wildeskind
Blair's first day on the job is fraught with danger when he's assigned a task routinely undertaken by every new detective in Major Crime: the donut run.
Partners 01/12/00 by Wildeskind
There's a serial killer targeting gay couples in Cascade and Blair's been having nightmares about them. It's up to Jim and Blair to find the killer before Blair's nightmare comes true.

Virtual Season Six (Archived)

Howling Moon 10/31/00 by Wildeskind and Captain Outrageous.
The circus is in town. Jim and Blair are swept into a mystery where past and present collide with potentially fatal results.
Sense and Sensibility
01/17/01 A perfumer is murdered after developing a scent guarenteed to create attraction.
Tell Me No Lies
On the way to a date with the lovely Leesha Timmons, Simon responds to a call that an officer is down, bring back memories of Henri's shooting. When he shoots a teenaged boy, was it justifiable, or was it something else?

Check out the other episodes of Faux Paws Productions or view the episodes at Black Panther Productions.

Stories by Wildeskind:

And It Rained ***Finished 07/13/1999*** Rated S for Smarm (8K)
It's a lonely night and Simon's gone driving in the rain. First story in the In the Moment Series.
In the Zone ***Finished 07/21/1999*** Rated S for Smarm (19K)
Jim and Blair take a trip to the Twilight Zone. Follows after And It Rained
Snowflakes ***Finished 07/28/1999*** Rated S for Smarm (7K)
Blair is watching the snow fall. Does Jim see like he does. Second story in the In the Moment Series.
Jim, Don't Eat that Twinkie! ***Finished 09/08/1999*** Rated PG-13 (17K)
Blair is sleeping. And dreaming.
A Sentinel Moment Madlib ***Finished 3/6/2002*** Rated G 16k
Filling in the fields and read a Jim and Blair adventure that you help to create.

Sally Mae Series

Jim has a new girl friend, Sarah. She's not quite your typical Mary S... er, original female character. She likes to have fun. Most of these are drabbles.

Meeting Major Crimes 11/01/2000 (9K)
Major Crimes meets Jim's newest girlfriend. Will they survive her?
Cat's Growl 11/01/2000 (7K)
Blair comes home to an empty loft. Empty except for the sound of a purring.
All Tied Up 11/03/2000 (10K)
Jim comes home to find a surprise.

Stories by Captain Outrageous

(Note:Captain is a split personality of Wildeskind who likes to take their imagination out for a spin. You were warned!)

Touche, Cliche ***Finished 07/21/1999*** Rated G (17K)
The Boys are not acting right, what's wrong with them?
Go, Macarena! ***Finished 09/03/1999*** Rated PG for language. (13K)
Blair has made a bet with the guys in Major Crimes. Can he come through?
One Guide, Slightly Chilled ***Finished 09/09/1999*** Rated PG-13 for sensuality. (21K)
Jim and Blair come back from a disasterous winter camping trip. Can they get warmed up? Warnings: Bathroom scene. Sensual, but no sexual content. Heavy Smarm.
Horse Sense ***Finished 11/10/99*** Rated G (9K)
The first in the Horseplay series, Blair is having a bad hair day and Jim's not helping much.
Caesar Rodney Rides Again! ***Finished 09/27/99*** Rated G (8K)
The sequel to Horse Sense . Jim is pigging out. Can Blair get his attention with a history lesson on Delaware Quarter?
The Touch of Leather 10/31/2000 (8K)
Jim and Blair go shopping, for leather.
Little Blairy Foo Foo ***Finished 04/13/2001*** Rated G ()
Easter is coming and Blair is dreaming.

New Series: Souls Entwined

Simon Banks Journal, May 3, 1998

It's been three days since Blair drow ... since Alex Barnes got to Blair. Jim has been in the hospital, unconcious for two of them. I was relieved when finally he woke up. There were times when I worried he would never wake up, that he wanted to drift away, rather than face a world without his partner. Now I worry for an entirely different reason. Jim believes he has saved Blair's soul by merging it with his own. Even as I write this, I expect to wake up and find out it is all a dream. The situation is too crazy for words. I want to get Jim the help he needs, but I am afraid he won't be able to be helped by anyone who doesn't know abou this special abilities and I don't know a professional I can trust with his secret. Right now, he seems to be functioning, but sooner or later he will have to face reality. Blair is dead.

Horation, what have you been drinking? 10/31/2000 (22K)
Death story... sort of. Set after Sen2part1. Jim arrives too late to save Blair. Or does he?
Souls Entwined Part II: Revenge In progress
Alex Barnes. She's the sentinel theif who killed his partner. Now Jim has to capture her before she escapes with the canister of deadlyVX nerve gas she stole.
Souls Entwined Part III: An Unexpecte Inheritance In planning
Put on administrative leave, Jim goes through Blair's papers, putting Blair's affairs in order. When he finds a strange name on Blair's life insurance, Jim's investigation takes him to a small town with big secrets.

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