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'ello and welcome to my He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Page. This page is dedicated to another of my favorite cartoons of the '80's. As a little kid, I watched this show every day and pretended I was a He-Man character battling the evil forces of Skeletor. And of course, like many others, I collected the He-Man figures (which my mother gave away without my knowledge a few years ago). Anyway, everyone who remembers the show should remember Stratos, He-Man's flying friend. This is where I got my name from, as well as the title of my main page (Stratos' home was called Avion). But this page isn't just about Stratos. It's about the entire planet of Eternia and it's characters, both good and bad. So.......enjoy!

Stratos' MotU Character Bios: The Good Guys
Stratos' MotU Character Bios: The Bad Guys
Stratos' MotU Price Guide
Stratos' MotU Links Page
Stratos' MotU Rings
ToyFare's MotU Article!
Awards This Page Has Won
Stratos' Artwork
About Me
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All characters of or pertaining to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are Copyright Mattel, Inc. and Filmation. I in NO way take any credit for the creation of He-Man or any of the characters of Eternia.