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Welcome to Pikathis The Infernal Rat Dot the i's and cross the t's.


Beware, noble citizens of the Earth, for a greater evil has arisen! It's not Saddam, alien invaders, or even El Diablo himself. No... it's much worse. It's an electric rodent, with a face deserving to beslammed into the nearest cinder block!Welcome to PikaTHIS!, the only site (in my knowledge) dedicatedentirelyto the downfall of Pikachu.Feel free to look around and have fnu (that's right, fnu) helping iradicate the infernal rat. ^_^

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Rar. I really don't have time to maintain this site as much as I'd like anymore, so there isn't much new right now. However, I noticed that the site is still alive, so it may get something of a code cleanup in the near future (believe me; it's a mess). Also, some stale links were removed. ``However, if you're new, look around and help me rid the world of the infernal rat!

Oh yeah, I know the Pokémon games have been out for a long time, and it's okay if you buy and/or play them, but just remember to:

Boycott Pikachu!

Reasons to Dislike Pikachu

  • Nintendo uses it as a kid magnet, so they buy Pokemon merchandise
  • Children have choked on Pikachu toys
  • It's too bright a shade of yellow. ::shields his eyes::
  • He's everywhere!
  • They don't even tell you his gender? What is he: male, female, neuter, Michael Jackson?
  • He gave a bunch of kids epilepsy in Japan and elsewhere
  • The overwhelming cuteness affects your mind . . .

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