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Mr. T vs. Pikachu

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Yes! Finally, a chance for the world's most helluva tough hero to take down the worst's most annoying cartoon character ever! Read on...
Special thanks to The Mr. T Resource Archive!

Mr. T checking out the junk heap
Mr. T goes to work on a new vehicle for the A-Team, but it just doesn't compare to his helluva fast van. Then, suddenly...

Clinton and Gore are scared
Trouble in the capital! Who ya gonna call? Mr. T!!

Aieee! Pikachu?  In the capital?!
Mr. T gets the bad news, and is ready to haul ass down to D.C.

Oh no! Pikachu is gigantic and is terrorizing the White House? But where could Mr. T be?!

Read on, sucka!

Home  ->  T vs. Pika

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