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K3KY's Favorite Freeware

There is a lot of excellent freeware for Windows-
here are some that I have found particularly useful

Note Tab Light Awesome Notepad replacement- HTML and text editor, opens multiple files with tabbed interface, user selected fonts. Auto- correct, auto- replace, text drag and drop, create text macros to automate tasks.
CWordpad An enhanced Wordpad with a thesaurus and spell checker. Search and replace editing of words, phrases, punctuation. Edit email copies- strip >> right arrows from margin and spell check with just a few mouse clicks.
Scanner A powerful tool for looking at file sizes on your hard drive. Allows you to quickly spot where file deletions will free up lots of space. Probably the best of its type. Amazing performance from this tiny 162K utility.
Stripmail Removes those annoying right arrows from the margins of copied email text. I don't know how I ever did without this neat little editing utility. It is a great time saver- you will love it!
eCleaner Another email cleaner- this one will also remove white space in the left margin and corrects for word wrap. Sometimes it works a little too well, but it is still a great time saver. Recommended.
Font Explorer This handy utility gives you a quick look at all the fonts in your computer. Fast and easy to use- makes it a simple task to choose the best type style for headers, text, and especially graphics.
The Font Thing Another great font utility- highly recommended! Displays all fonts on your HD, including uninstalled fonts, and will install and uninstall fonts. Complements Font Explorer nicely.
Extract icons from software installed on your hard drive. You would be amazed at how many icons are in there. All icons on these pages were obtained using this nifty program.
Edit your mp3's without having to convert them to wav or other formats first. Amazing performance from a tiny 90K utility plus a 58K dll decoder. Pull songs out of longer mp3 recordings of radio broadcasts, add fades, etc.

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