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awardky.jpg K3KY's Favorite Freeware
There is a lot of excellent freeware for Windows-
here are some that I have found particularly useful

logger.gif invis.gif Logger An excellent ham logging utility with the same features as the commercial programs- telnet DX spots, spots/needs-driven radio tuning, and auto- freq/mode logging. Has all that I need- and more. Highly recommended!
mailwasher.gif invis.gif Mailwasher Delete unwanted emails from your server without downloading. Can send spammers fake 'bounce' messages making it look like your email address is bad- a unique feature not available elsewhere. Awesome! Get it.
tclockex.gif invis.gif TclockEx Lets you customize the clock in the system tray in Windows. Choose custom colors and background and display the complete day, date, and time. No more need to hover the cursor over it to see the date.
infomagic.gif invis.gif InfoMagic Often simplest is best. Store mixed data in large, searchable text files, like a big, cluttered desk drawer. Works surprisingly well! Can also encrypt and password-protect files. Proves we're over-organized. Security Note
treepad.gif invis.gif Treepad More structured storage- like Explorer. Set up your data 'tree', drag and drop, etc. Very powerful and flexible. The program plus lots of data fits on a single floppy. Use anywhere- no install needed. Highly recommended!
pegasus.gif invis.gif Pegasus A powerful email client for the rest of us. If you are concerned about security with Outlook and Outlook Express (you should be), then this program is for you. Fully-featured and well worth a look.
Thunderbird.gif invis.gif Thunderbird
Thunderbird has become my main email client. It's one of the best email applications, free or paid. Easy to set up and work with. From Mozilla, who also offers the outstanding Firefox web browser.
zonealarm.gif invis.gif Zone Alarm I no longer recommend Zone Alarm for Win XP. Commodo's free firewall would be a better choice. For Win98SE, I still use Zone Alarm 2.6.362. You can download a free copy of version 2.6 here
startup.gif invis.gif Startup
An outstanding little utility that simplifies controlling which programs are allowed to start when you boot Windows. Although you can do this using Windows alone, this program makes it so much easier!
karenware.gif invis.gif Replicator Effective and easy to use file backup utility- copy important files to a floppy disk, zip disk, CD, second hard drive or HD partition (etc.) Data too important to lose? This program will automatically save it.
k_meleon.gif invis.gif K-Meleon This tiny browser based on Mozilla just may be the answer for those who hate popups/popunders. Flawlessly blocks these pests using internal software. Download is only a bit over 5 megs. Great- try it!
Firefox.gif invis.gif Firefox
Firefox continues to be an outstanding web browser, and is a much better choice than IE for many reasons. Powerful, flexible, and very customizable! You deserve the best- why don't you give Firefox a try?

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