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Some Thoughts About Information Security

The author of InfoMagic suggests that you can save a list of credit card account information in this utility. He includes encryption and password protection- for such types of data, I would certainly advise using them. Although the likelihood of getting hacked is very remote, it does happen. It seems like almost every month a new security hole is revealed in existing commercial software. I would not enter my own sensitive financial data in my computer- especially credit card data- because there is an internet connection! While it is a good idea to have a complete list of your credit card data, I would suggest that it is safer to write it down on paper and put it where you can find it easily in the event your credit cards are stolen. Even the most skilled and determined hacker can not steal your credit information if you do not have it in your computer. My belief is that home computers should be viewed as non-secure media and used accordingly.

Regarding memory (your own recall abilities), it is important to realize that this clever little utility is supposed to serve as a memory aid, but since data is mass stored in larger text files, everything ultimately depends upon your own ability to remember keywords. The fastest way to recover stored information is through keyword searches. There are two implications here- first, if your memory is really bad, this program may not be for you (but it will work very well for almost everyone!). Secondly, it is important to realize that trying to get clever and creative with 'stealthy' keywords will probably backfire on you. It is best to use very plain and logical keywords that you are likely to remember if you are trying to recall the information. Usually the text itself will suffice, containing words that will occur to you when you want to do a search. You can also insert keywords of your own anywhere in the text, and you can also use the timestamp feature to allow you to recover data later by date.

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