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Yaesu FT-1000D

Yaesu's classic, top of the line HF transceiver for contesters and DXers is
probably the only ham dual-receiver radio that does true diversity reception

Compendium of Synchro Mod User Tips

Synchro Mod User Tip:
Both the main and the sub receivers may be independently programmed for band, frequency, mode, and bandwidth while in Synchro mode. The two will continue to track at the same tuning rate. You can return instantly to Diversity mode at any time by punching A>B.

Synchro Mod User Tip:
Slow day on the bands? Propagation not so good? You can monitor two different bands simultaneously. For example, enter 24.890.00 in the main rx and 18.068.00 in the sub rx and tune around both bands using the main VFO- or try 24.890.00 + 24.930.00- you can monitor both the phone and CW segments on a band.

Synchro Mod User Tip:
With a dual receiver setup, it is a good idea to install front end protection for the sub-rx to guard against antenna coupling during transmit. One simple method is the KD9SV Front End Saver (CQ Feb 97 p32), which uses fast reed relays to open the feedline and short the receiver input to ground. A blank PC board is available from FAR Circuits. (Scroll down to CQ Feb 97/ KD9SV). Assembled units are also available direct from the designer, Gary Nichols, KD9SV

Synchro Mod User Tip:
Many different antenna combinations will prove optimum depending on band and propagation. A 2 line by n antenna switching matrix can be very helpful. A lockout feature is essential to prevent the sub rx from ever sharing an antenna with the main rx on the transmit side of the FT-1000 internal relays. The WX0B Array Solutions Six Pack does it well and includes this important feature.

Synchro Mod User Tip:
You can still work split frequency DX operations in Diversity mode using the CLAR control, but are limited to +/- 9.99KHz offset. This handles a majority of situations, though certainly not all. To avoid "wrong VFO" transmissions, do not engage the SPLIT function! Instead, make sure CLAR TX is on. "Practice makes perfect."

Synchro Mod User Tip:
After punching A>B and SPOT, the sub-receiver VFO may slip to a slightly different frequency (off by a few tens of Hertz). Just punch A>B a second time to match up the VFOs exactly. Once sync is established, the two will remain reliably in sync.

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