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Yaesu FT-1000D

Yaesu's classic, top of the line HF transceiver for contesters and DXers is
probably the only ham dual-receiver radio that does true diversity reception

G3TKF's Description of the Synchro Mod

Well, here is some more info on modifying the FT1000 to enable locked VFOs. Look at the relevant circuit diagram in the manual (On the back of the Block diagram) whilst following below. If you can't follow the circuit get someone else to do the mod !!

Take off lid and base. Have radio correct way up and facing you on the bench. Unplug the heavy duty grey/white power lead to the rear left. Remove the top side screws to allow front panel to hinge down - careful it's heavy! Watch the heavy duty grey/white power lead doesn't catch anything.

Remove the shiny metal shield covering the left section of the front panel. Locate J5031 and J5032 (bottom right as viewed from above) the main and sub vfo encoder inputs. These are Plugs 108 and 109 on the circuit, both on 4way connectors. Easily traced back to their front panel controls. The idea is to switch away the sub vfo encoder and replace it by paralleling it to the main vfo unit output. The outputs are orange / red on the 4 way plugs.

A small 5v relay can easily be stuck to the metal bottom right edge close to both connectors. 5 volts for the relay can be picked up from pin 4 off either connector. I used the "SPOT" switch for changing over the relay - partially because I had to check the manual to see what "SPOT" actually did !! the only other switch easily available is the "DIM" one ...this could be used although it's more difficult to access.

With a scalpel carefully cut the single track going to the "SPOT" switch to isolate it. One side of the switch is already earthed. Wire the switch to the relay. Checking with a meter that you have the correct contact (earthed when the switch is made)

It's now a simple case of wiring the main tuning encoder to the normally open contacts on the relay and the sub vfo via the change over so that when the relay is switched the main encoder parallels it's output to where the sub vfo went. (Draw it out if necessary - I did!) It sounds a LOT more difficult described than actually doing it !!

Now a quick A = B and pressing "SPOT" will keep the two vfos in step - brilliant for contesting when tuning with separate rx antenna etc etc At the same time as doing the mod I put in the International Radio tuning upgrade. The combination of the two mods really improves the operation of the already excellent rig !!

No liabilty is accepted for the above information by the way !! It is given in the "ham spirit"

Synchro Mod User Tips:
After punching A>B and SPOT, the sub-receiver VFO may slip to a slightly different frequency (off by a few tens of Hertz). Just punch A>B a second time to match up the VFOs exactly. Once sync is established, the two will remain reliably in sync.

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