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Yaesu FT-1000D

Yaesu's classic, top of the line HF transceiver for contesters and DXers is
probably the only ham dual-receiver radio that does true diversity reception

FT-1000D Articles, Links, and Mods

K0FF Rx Ant
Switching Mod
  KD5VC 250Hz
Filter Diode Mod
Important KD5VC
Mod Addendum
  W8JI IMD Noise
Blanker Mod
Clicks Mod
Clicks Mod
More Info
Synchro Mod
RS-232 Interface
Diversity Rx

Synchro Mod User Tip:
You can still work split frequency DX operations in Diversity mode using the CLAR control, but are limited to +/- 9.99KHz offset. This handles a majority of situations, though certainly not all. To avoid "wrong VFO" transmissions, do not engage the SPLIT function! Instead, make sure CLAR TX is on. "Practice makes perfect."

Watch this page for new links of interest to FT-1000D owners. Your suggestions of other interesting items to add are welcome.

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