Frantically Furtive Minds
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Frantically Furtive Minds

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Wyrde Comics.  A non-traditional comic group.  Super-hero comics as well as funnies


Pariah.  An excellent FFM web-magazine devoted to the publishing of Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories.


Links.  Other sites on the eternal, tangled web.


Essays.  Girdy leads the never-ending fight onward.  Find out what everyone's favorite arm-chair philosopher has to say about life.  Submit your own thoughts at the risk of getting published.

You have stumbled upon the abode of the Frantically Furtive Minds. As you explore our chambers you will find entertainment and wisdom gathered together for your enjoyment. We hope that you are sufficiently amused to come back and maybe even discover something new about this thing we loosely refer to as life.

 FFM is an organization devoted to publishing any and all creative materials at no charge.  We offer exposure for amateurs and professionals alike.  Materials submitted are open for peer review and improvement.  All submissions will, of course, still be the property of the author/artist and we will ask your permission before we do things like editing or making a movie out of it. For further information regarding submissions, read our submission page or visit Pariah Online

Hope you enjoy your visit.


Poetry.  Don't like poetry?  You might find these interesting.  Arranged topically.


Step into the Art Gallery and veiw the art of FFMinds.


Secrets.  College Students, alien abductions, time travel, need I say more?  A kooky line of stories and comic strips by and about our publushing staff.




Staff Listing and E-mail Addresses

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