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Include in all submissions:

  1. The name you would like the submission published under
  2. Title of the work
  3. Your E-mail address
  4. The section you would like the work published in.

The various sections are:

  1. Pariah Online, for all sci-fi/fantasy stories, and science/tech articles
  2. Poems, for all poetry
  3. Exploring Life's Mysteries with Girdy ("Mysteries" for short), for all essay/humorous commentary selections
  4. Wyrde Comics, for all cartoon submissions
  5. Gallery for all art work.
  6. Mention that it is an article review, and we will include your review with that article

If you wish to be linked, we will do so, the stipulation being that you link us in return. If there are any sections you would like to see, tell us, and we will see if we can make it. If you have a work to submit that does not fit into the classifications above, send it, and we will see if we can find a spot for it.

You retain all rights to your works, and are free to seek publication elsewhere. FFM is concerned with showing your works and allowing others to critique them.

You may submit any work to any member of the FFM staff, but it is recommended that:

  1. All works for Pariah Online be submitted to Admiral Coeyman.
  2. All poems be submitted to Ian "John" Dunbar.
  3. All works for Mysteries be submitted to Ian "John" Dunbar".
  4. All works for Wyrde Comics be submitted to Joel "Cop" Furches.
  5. All art work be submitted to Joel "Cop" Furches.
  6. All link proposals be submitted to Ian "John" Boggs.


2001 Frantically Furtive Minds