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Joel "Cop "Furches: Creator
Joel created and founded FFMinds. If you have any complaints about the things you find here or if you want to want to submit items write to Joel.

Ian "John D." Boggs: Tech
John D./Ian Boggs is the technical genius behind this great site. In addition to that he is a fairly talented writer. If you enjoyed the site, or have any suggestions for the site, e-mail him.

Mike "Girdy "Girdwood: ?
Girdy is the guy who sits on the couch and eats chips. He does this for you, our loyal audience, and is very devoted to his work. Girdy also likes to be showered with praise so go ahead and write him about the fine chip eating.

Admiral Coeyman
Admiral Coeyman is the editor of Pariah Online, and does all the serious stuff around here. If you want to talk business, go to the Admiral, folks.

Anthony Stump
Anthony Stump is official mascot, cheerleader, and Mafia connection for FFM. I wish I could think of an excuse to write him, but I can't.


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