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Spectrum Team Handball Club Est. 1997

Spectrum Team Handball Club Est.1997

Stats updated to Nov. 19,2004, check back for more updates to come!

Last updated Nov. 19, 2004

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Welcome to the Spectrum Team Handball site, We are Team Spectrum of the Manitoba Team Handball Federation (M.T.H.F.) We are the second longest running team playing in the Winnipeg Team Handball League A Division, and have been in (W.T.H.L.) since October of 1997.

Spectrum TH is rebuilding this season again, with the loss of three players for sure. (Part time) Goalie- Sean Ashton, CB- Norm Taylor have , Al Lagasse will play for Spectrum again this Season
Up and comers Junior sensation LB/CB-Simon Pistachio will also join the club, should stabilize the team this year after the loss of those three players. The Addition of the Primetime players in W-Pat Allen, CB-Mike Danwich, G-Jarett McLauglin, LB-Simon Ritchie and LB- Eric Sjoberg will also be very welcomed! We are affiliated with Venom TH and Phoenix A.C. of the men's 2nd Division.

Spectrum would like to thank their following sponsor's:

The Soccer SPECTRUM, Financial Concepts, The St. Vital School Division, Adwest Promotions. Most player on Spectrum wear Hummel shoes.

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