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Spectrum Player Profiles

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The Team 2003-2004

William "Bill" Chartrand-#2-will play R. Back. Billy one of the newest edition to the squad, Billy played his first game with Spectrum last Oct. Bill is and has always been a Goal scorer who was in or the top ten scorers in the League, so look for Bill to relieve some of the Lateral pressure off David Bordeaux .

Ben "B-Mo" Moore-#4-plays back/pivot and played his first game with Spectrum on Oct.22,2000. Ben is known through out the league for his defensive play, hopes to establish more of his offensive talents on this Spectrum team . Ben has played in the W.T.H.L.'s A Division for 9 (6 with Spartak and 2 with Spectrum)years and played High school Handball for Dakota in 1991. Ben brings a wealth of experience to the team after being on numerous Provincial Teams, winning an A Div. Championship with Spartak, and A W.H.S.T.H.L. championship in 1991 with Dakota.

Robbie-Jo "Woody" Wood-#8 has played wing in the past but has made the move to Centre Back. Rob is an "Original six" founding member of Spectrum THC, playing his first game with the club on Oct. 26, 1997. Rob played one year in the W.H.S.T.H.L. with the Dakota Lancers in '91, and then played with Spectrum for 5 seasons from 1997-2002, Rob missed last season but has rejoined the team, and will help to shore things up in the middle back position. Rob's strengths lie in his defensive game, he plays hard and is one of the most hated players to play against in the League.
Woody will piss you off and take a penalty if he needs to do it, in '98 and '00 Woody was the most penalized player in his respective League.

Phil "Motown" Wachs-#11 plays all positions but in net. Phil played his first game for Spectrum on Oct. 26, 1997. Philly is an "Original Six" member of the club, and is one of the all-time leading goal scorers for the team. Phil has played on a Manitoba Sr. men's Provincial team, and played on the 1991 W.H.S.T.H.L. Championship team, Dakota Lancers. Phil is a very passionate player, which can be sometimes good, sometimes bad, but never leaves anything on the floor.

Al Lagassé - #1 – A seasoned goaltender, Al is an original members of the Venom/Soar organization and has decided to rejoin his team after a two year hiatus. Al began his career playing for CJS and earning a spot as the first team all-star goaltender before moving on to the WTHL. After two years with Soar, Al left the Spectrum System to try his luck with ‘A’ league champions Spartak. After a dismal and confidence shattering season with Spartak, Al was welcomed back by the ever-loving father figure “The Kauf” and preceded to have a good season playing for a depleted Spectrum team (even though we only won three games we only got blown out once). Al has decided to try his hand at ‘B’ league one more time and he hopes to help Venom become one of the dominating teams in the WTHL. Al brings the experience of having played three years with the Manitoba Junior Men’s Provincial team and hopes to crack the roster of the Senior Men’s team within the next couple of years. Chris "Smurf" Greenhalgh #8 plays left wing and played his first game with Spectrum Jan. 10, 2004. Chris is 17 years old and has been playing Handball for 6 years, already. He started handball in grade 6 with Monique Ditter as his coach. Chris is still in high school and plays for CJS of The W.H.S.T.H.L. where he has been playing since grade 9 with "The Kauf" as his coach. He has represented CJSat the Highschool All-star game in his past two seasons and if all goes well Chris hopes to go again at the end of this season.
Last year Chris played for the Juvenile provincial team and went to nationals in Edmonton, where Chris Helped his Manitoba team win a Bronze medal. Chris has played 2 years of senior mens handball; 1 year with Soar and 1 with Venom/Spectrum.
Chris has a natureal flare for the game of handball with the wits to match. What he lacks in size (5'6) he more than makes up in desire and intensity and has the potential to follow in the footsteps of the "Little game breakers" that have gone beore him in the likes of Riel and Loyd Rana.
Chris hopes to put on some weight and build some more muscle so he can "improve his skills in the big boys League, and attract all the Handball groupies like David Bordeaux & The Gauth's sisters!"

coming soon....

Ward "Paco" Hrabi-#3

Sebastian "Sea bass" Grochocki-#6

Norm Taylor-#13

David Bordeaux-#14- Plays Left Back, Played his first game with Spectrum on Jan.25,1998. Dave has played on many Provincial Jr. and Sr. Men's eams over the past 7 years. David also was selected to play for the Manitoba Provincial Senior team for the fourth year in a row. David ended the season with enough goals to put him into the top 10 in scoring, David and the Spectrum team will defiantly be looking for those numbers to improve this upcoming season as David could be the game breaker of years passed.

Chris Kaufmann-#15-Played Pivot but hopes to make the transition to wing this season, Chris is the only (original six) founding member still on Spectrum since the Start. Chris played his first game for Spectrum on Oct.26,1997. Chris will be playing in his 14th season of Team Handball this season, 2 with The Dragons (Jr. High), 3 With The Lancers (W.H.S.T.H.L.), and 1 with both of the Lancers and now defunct Mustangs of the W.T.H.L. B Div. before his 5 years with Spectrum. Chris is the Team Rep./Coach/Manager for Spectrum, Coach of C.J.S. of the W.H.S.T.H.L., President of The M.T.H.F.

Sean "Scotty" Ashton-#16- Plays Goalie, Sean Rejoins the club after a short season with the now defunct Abyss. Scotty Played 4 Regular season games and 3 playoff games with Spectrum in 2001-2002, after being called up for Venom. Sean was born in the County of Windsor in 1980, played for the Ontario Provincial Men's team (Juv., Jr., & Sr.). Scotty posses a great intensity and love of the game which sometimes gets the better of him and his short fuse. Scotty will be a welcomed addition to the team if he can keep his temper and mouth in check, as he is a "Team guy" who is loved by all.

Michael "The Gautch" Gauthier -#11-Right wing. Mike has played in the Spectrum System for years. Michael played pivot for Venom/Soar since the beginning, Michael has also played 3 seasons with CJS of the W.H.S.T.H.L., and two year previous to that with his Jr. High Team. Mike is a lefty and after his High school coach, "The Kauf" tried to turn him into a wing and use the left arm of his, and failed, last year Mike decided to try his hand at it again in the B Division, Mike was great, he scored enough goals to be in the top ten in scoring for the Div. Mike and Spectrum hope that Mike can Make the Jump to the Big boys League this season after a strong showing in the 3 games he played with the team last year during call-ups. Mike has played on the Man. Jr. Provincial team, and has aspirations to play on the Sr. Men’s team, as he is no longer a little boy. Speaking of scoring the ultimate goal for Mike is to Score with Bordeaux's Sister.

Gjamma "Jamma" Gullet-#9-Centre Back. Jamma has played Handball in Somolia for 11 years, with 3rd to 1st division teams, and coached girls 2nd Div. Teams. Jamma moved here last year but didn’t realize that there was a League here in Winnipeg. Jamma moves the ball quite well, but a year of rust and the fact that he still needs to adjust to the Canadian game, will be the biggest challenge for him. But the fact that Ben Moore and Norm Taylor are going to be around for the first few weeks, will allow Jamma time to get acclimatized to the game at a comfortable pace, instead of being thrown into the fire.

Francisco Munilla-#5- Plays Left wing, Played his first game with Spectrum on Jan.25,1998. Francisco is one of Spectrum's longtime players, one of four left on the team from their opening season. 'Cisco came to the team as a highschool player from CLR, and has never looked back. Francisco has played on numerous Highschool allstar teams, Prov. Jr. Men's teams, Sr. Men's teams.
'Cisco is a legitimit threat at the wing with the uncanny ability to score from rediculis angles and seemingly scoring shots that have no business going in.
Due to personal problems 'Cisco missed the first 4 games this year and was seriously thinking of not playing, but due to some creative persuasion and accounting, 'Cisco is now on board adding some greater stability to our low poducing left side.

Wesley "Big Guns" Barker-#10- Plays Left wing, Played his first game with Spectrum on Oct. 25, 2003. Wes has been in the Spectrum system for years, playing for Robbie Joe Wood and Dakota C.I. Lancers of the W.H.S.T.H.L. in 1998, then played 3 seasons with Soar (Venom), which was Spectrum's Affiliate and was coached by Chris Kaufmann, Wes helped manage the team.
Due to school commitments last season, Wes took the year off, but informed coach Kaufmann that he missed playing, and was interested in playing again.
Wes had in the past, filled in for Spectrum on a temperarory basis and did a good job, so when The Kauf offered him a spot on the "Big Club" he took it.
Look for Wes to add a greater element of speed to the team. Wes's greatest asset is his heart as his love for the game (and the ladies)is strong, his biggest detriment is his SIZE 13 SKIS....Er, FEET. and you know what they say about guys with "BIG FEET".
Wes Says,"Yeah... It's True, that's why I'm so successful in the Bedroom! Hopefully I can bring that success to Spectrum!". Yes Wes, we hope so, just keep thoes ski's off the 6m line.