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I've dug through the Spectrum Archives to bring a new page to the Spectrum THC site. Under each picture will be a brief history to set the picture up, I hope you all enjoy!

The Kauf on a Fast-break!

Chris Kaufmann #15 (Green) vs. The (now defunct) Crusaders in the B finals 1999. Kauf gets a fast break pass fom G- Paul courchaine to open the second half of scoring. Notice the grace and style exhibited by the fleet footed pivot!

The Kauf in the Free Press

This picture was taken from the front page of the Winnipeg Free Press sports section after game 2 of the B. Div. Finals 1999, when Spectrum won it's first title.
The picture is of then Pivot, Chris Kaufmann scoring on a crucial Penalty shot, and was taken at Lipsett Hall vs. (reigning Champions) The Crusaders, who took Spectrum to 3 games. The headline read "Up & comers win Title! Spectrum is the new Champs!

The Kauf from the wing!

On a one man power-play, Kaufmann (#15-green), who had just slid from pivot to wing gets pass on his off wing and elects to shoot a patented "Kaufmann Head Shot" , & scores what many call "The goal heard around the world!" to put Spectrum up by two with 1 minute remaining in the Final game of the '99 WTHL B Div. Championships, sealing the win for the second year team.
Kaufmann had 5 goals that game and was named Playoff MVP and 1 team All-star(pivot)!