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Colorwoods is all about Sherwood Smith's YA novel Crown Duel. Here you can find plenty of information on the world and characters of CD. When you're done looking around, don't forget to check out the links to other sites about Crown Duel and Ms. Smith.

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20 March 2006

Ay yi yi! So long since I have updated--such a shame!

I have been away at college since August 2005 (currently on spring break). Life has been wonderful, but busy. Not much time for anything as fun as the CD world!

But I have updated, a very small update to be sure. The big news is: Sherwood's INDA is once again set to be released--August 1, 2006! I can't wait! Go to the More by S.S. page for more info about the book, and head over to it's page to preorder!

I will (hopefully!) be back to semi-regular updates during the summer. (If you would like to recieve an email when Colorwoods is updated with new content, swing by the Contact page and simply input your email address into the blank there, and I'll add ya to the list!)

Until next time...  happy reading!

13 July 2005

The Q&A section has been updated with ten new bits of info. Some categories were re-named/organized:

"General" now has a more descriptive name: "Age, Appearance, Pronunciation"

A "Calendar" section was created out of the "About the World" section

There will probably be more re-organizing in the future, I still think the "About the World" section is too big and mixed up, and probably annoying to try to read, since it jumps from topic to topic like crazy.

I'm trying to improve the usefulness of the FreeFind search, but it's being finicky... the regular ol' Ctrl + f method works better!

1 July 2005

Site totally renovated! It's a fresh new layout (I'm quite proud--I wrote nearly all the code by hand this time). If you like the new look, or have any comments, please write 'em in my Guestbook.

A new, awesome Fan Fiction "Pick-of-the-Month" has been chosen, 2 new polls added, the Q&A area redesigned, and everything streamlined with lots more coding in CSS.

The best part: Info on Sherwood's new release, Inda, on the More by S.S. page! Check it out!

Please email me at shannonlynn08 [at] hotmail [dot] com to point out any typos, broken links, or site malfunctions.

Enjoy! ; D