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For a few months now, I've begun compiling. editing, and mixing tracks to assemble these albums. The main thing that makes them stand out from the average MP3 audio CD is the fact that there is no pause. By "no pause" I don't just mean setting the CD burner to "0 second pause," I mean the songs are mixed togethor smoothly with no abrupt change in type of music or noticable bpm changes, like a professional DJ would do. I am by no means a master at the craft, but check out these albums.

Contact me (remove MIXED from address) if any of the albums interest you and I will arrange a delivery.


Completed Projects

Wild Party @ Duke a combo of genres including some Disco and Hip-Hop

Deep & Meaningful 1 a completely instrumental compilation without interludes


In Production

Click here to see what I'm currently working on.



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