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"Wild Party @ Duke"


This mix was created as a gift for my friend before she went off to Duke for three weeks. The joke was that she was going to do wild naughty things while she was at this camp. Once I began to work on this mix, i began to take it very seriously. This being my first mix, the transitions are not remarkable. I used interludes to transition a lot of the songs, due to the variety in styles of music. The theme for this albums is a "wild party."

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Track # Song Name Artist
01 Intro - Vinyl Grant Richards-Jones
02 Bad Girls Donna Summer
03 Party All The Time Eddie Murphy
04 Interlude - Stinger Grant Richards-Jones
05 Stayin' Alive The Bee Gees
06 Interlude - Big Butt Sir-Mix-A-Lot
07 Baby Got Back Sir-Mix-A-Lot
08 Interlude - Cyborg Grant Richards-Jones
09 Work It Missy Elliott
10 Oops (Oh My) (Radio Edit) Tweet
11 Interlude - Makeout Grant Richards-Jones
12 What It Feels Like For A Girl Madonna
13 Interlude - Differences The Bloodhound Gang
14 The Bad Touch The Bloodhound Gang
15 Zion Fluke
16 Interlude - Mario Grant Richards-Jones
17 Be Faithful Fat Man Scoop and Crooklyn Clan
18 What's Luv? Fat Joe featuring Ashanti
19 Interlude - Restaurant Grant Richards-Jones
20 Hot In Herre Nelly
21 Interlude - Goodnight Grant Richards-Jones
22 Get It On Tonight Montell Jordan
23 Interlude - Rainforest Grant Richards-Jones
24 Distance Schiller
25 Conclusion - Dust Grant Richards-Jones

Total Time - 69:08


Download Clips From This Album

1. Restaurant this is the interlude connecting tracks 18 and 20. (MP3/0:34/825K)

2. Stayin' Alive/Big Butt this is a somewhat comical interlude between the "Stayin' Alive" edit and the into to "Baby Got Back." Tracks 05 and 06. (MP3/0:20/516K)


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