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Deep & Meaningful 1

This is the ideal relaxing album for doing anything else. It does not ask for any attention since it is completely instrumental, but if you do listen to it, there is plenty of stuff to keep you entertained. Transitioning all of these songs was fun and about 75% of the transitions were perfect. Ofter, the song change goes unnoticed (notice the mixing between tracks 02 and 03). There is a tad too much Moby on this album though... Check out the "Blue Vision/Rushing" clip below.



Track # Song Name Artist Special
01 Intro - Deep & Meaningful Grant Richards-Jones Time - 1:01
02 Dream of the Shore Border Chrono Cross
03 Another Inspiration Scott Peeples
04 Fireworks Moby
05 Hope Overture Clint Mansell (featuring Kronos Quartet Requiem For A Dream
06 Down Slow Moby
07 Blue Vision bLiNd
08 Rushing Moby
09 Look Back In Moby
10 Guitarra G (Afterlife Mix) Banda Sonora
11 Another Guldove Chrono Cross
12 18 Moby
13 Just Chill The Pancake Chef
14 What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4) DJ Shadow
15 She's So Röyksopp
16 Rebel Moiety Theme Robyn Miller Riven: The Sequel To Myst
17 Part A: Sure-As-Not Afro Celt Sound System
18 Part B: Sure-As-Knot (Jungle Segue) Afro Celt Sound System
19 Requiem for a Green Revolution Scott Peeples
20 Pachebel's Ganon djpretzel
21 Red Dust Zero 7

Total Time - 71:32


Download Clips From This Album

1. Blue Vision/Rushing this is the most awesome transition ever!! Between tracks 07 and 08 (MP3/0:47/1.1MB)

2. Intro - Deep & Meaningful this is the entire introduction. I recorded the dial tone and me dialing and combined the clip of my voice with my friend's voice. I recorded her voice months ago. Don't ask me why she is saying that. The main melody is Craig David's "Fill Me In" played backwards. The dialing clip is scrambled for the internet, since the normal clip will actually call me. (MP3/1:12/1.7MB)

3. Dream Of The Shore Border/Another Inspiration this is a transition where if you're doing something else, you don't notice that you are listening to another song. It also helps that "Another Inspiration" is a remix of "Dream Of The Shore Border." (MP3/0:47/1.1MB)

4. Just Chill/What Does Your Soul Look Like this transition was experimental. I didnt like the results. It won't happen again. Between tracks 13 and 14 (MP3/0:52/1.2MB)


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