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By Air:

From Manila to the Pili Airport is a 45 to 1 hour travel. Iriga can be reached within 30 minute by jeep or by bus.

From Legazpi, which is 55 minutes from Manila, Iriga is still an other 45-minute ride.

Brief Topography
Iriga City Map
How To Get There
Roaming the City
BY Land:

Buses- More than twenty aircon bus companies ply the Manila-Iriga route daily, covering some 400 kilometers and a 10-hour ride, These bus companies have their respective booking offices at the City Aircon Terminal in Iriga and strategic places in Metro Manila.

By Train
- After its new management, PNR still serves the Bicolanos as the safest mode of transportion to Iriga.

This is the railway system that made Iriga the center of trade and commerce for its neighboring towns of Baao, Bato, Buhi and Nabua.