Urban elites

Mainly Indian peasants, especially in the Mayan area.

Traditional peasant communalists v westernised capitalists




 Central America wars




Mexico is one of the many Latin American countries where the status of the indigenous inhabitants, and their relation with the descendants of the Iberian colonisers is still not resolved.

As the urban elites become rich from the privatisation of the formerly state owned assets, and as the NAFTA trade agreement lets imports from the United States and Canada into the country, the poor feel their exclusion from the modern economy.

The communally owned villages of the Mayan area are exposed to the dangers of privatisation and confiscation by the powerful.

Thus this conflict contains many themes both ancient and modern and includes the endemic quasi- feudalism of the area, as well as the threatened influence of American style capitalism.

In the southern State of Chiapas there has been a rising of Mayan peasants in the name of Emiliano Zapata, one of the revolutionaries of the early Mexican Revolution, demanding greater democracy in their area - threatened by the endemic corruption of officials of the Mexican state, and the long hegemony of the single party (Institutional Revolutionary Party) whose long reign was broken by a pro-US party the National Action Party.

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