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1. Geotherapy - treating the planet's problems

 Foundation -Towards Living on Income
 Climate Change action - Things to do at home
 Water Hyacinth - the Lake Victoria Problem
 Water Hyacinth Project - a possible solution
 Sahara - Integrated project
 Wind power in Kenya - an unexploited resource
 Geotherapy - the medical analogy
 Factor 4 - Energy saving is profitable
  Solar Coop - Solar Club for Dorset
 Ocean Thermal - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
 Global Dimming - Aircraft affect solar radiation.

2. Biogas - energy from farm wastes

3. Political Science Information

World Info - a guide to World Politics and History: 310,000 words
 Africa  Glossary of political terms
 Americas  Oceania
 Asia  Problems
 Europe  Wars

4. Language services

Wimtalk Language Consultants - editing texts for postgraduates and business people
A Dissertation on Language Learning - a successful teaching project - English for Academic Purposes
How to study Literature - assistance for African students

 5. Photographs


Charlotte's Quince Jam

Charlotte's Beer Blog

Hitchhikers agency

All-lit-up lighting seller

Wimsoft - the Wimborne Software Company

Wimtalk - Internet products

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