Soviet Union (1924-1991)

 Armenia  Kazakhstan  Tadzhikistan
 Azerbaijan  Kirgizia  Turkmenistan
 Belarus  Moldova  Ukraine
 Georgia  Russia  Uzbekistan

 The Soviet Union is no longer a state. When it ended there was the possibility that it might become an association of states like the European Community but this did not happen.
Up to December 1991 it seemed possible that it might evolve into a true federation of states with a continuing central government. However, the central government was abolished in December 1991 and was replaced by the Commonwealth of Independent States whose functions are not yet clear.

Most of the states have adopted their own currencies (mostly unsound) and their own armies. The Soviet Army has broken up, though most of it has gone to make up a new Russian army. However, Russian troops are still found in some of the smaller Central Asian Republics. By 1993 the situation was still confused and changing rapidly. Thus Russian troops appeared to be helping the more or less Communist government of Tadjikistan against the rebels. But they had left Lithuania and the other Baltic States, which ultimately joined the EU and



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