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This index links to a series of articles about making biogas cheaply in tropical regions. I hope they may inspire people living in suitable areas to try it for themselves. It's not difficult if you think about what you are doing and understand the principles.
Biogas for the Overseas Volunteer - The Oil Drum Digester
 Musingu Biogas - My first biogas system (1972)
 Water Hyacinth Project for Lake Victoria
 Lyon paper -  Biogas and a non-carbon energy culture
 Speculations -  Future developments of Biogas
 Kendu -  Possible development at Kendu
 Climate Effects of Biogas use
 Need for Carbon Credits for small producers
 Planning a biogas project
 Hackney Course notes
 Biogas in a cold climate
 Starter mixture to start your own biogas experiments
three levels of industry

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Geotherapy Index


South African Project

 Biogas Train in Sweden

 Mombasa Project
 Biogas to electricity site  

 Biomass index

 Ecuador design

Ivory Coast

Australian site

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  If you have a biogas plant, why not send me photos, that I can post on this web site? Or if you have already displayed photos on your web site, send me the URL.

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