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"Whatever it is that keeps Tim Buckley awake at night, whether it's a fiddler playing in the street somewhere nearby, or just the memory -- whatever it is that haunts him, makes him laugh or makes him sad, a lover, a beggarman or a thief, whatever it is, he takes risks to call up all his fantasies, to make them dance beautiful patterns in the air, which is one way of saying that having see Tim Buckley sing, it's hard for me to imagine the world without him."
Michael Thomas

"A rare intelligence was at work on Starsailor, a fine madness. To all intents and purposes indescribable, Starsailor was a horizon for rock. But, predictably, rock decided to ignore it. It has choirs, organs, Tijuana brass. In places there are phonetics instead of vocals. There are sirens. Sustained onomatopoetics. And lines like "Oblivion carries me on its shoulder" poking up through the sound. For all the world like voices from the dead. More than anyone, Tim Buckley was the character who took the rock vocal where it has never been before or since. With Starsailor, he covered uncharted ground with incredible skill. He was nudging oblivion."
Idris Walters

Rebop's Favorite Buckley Review
By Michael Thomas

Tim Buckley: An Overview
By Stuart Winkles

Essay--Pop: Tim Buckley
By Mike Jahn

Buckley Interview
By Chris Charlesworth

An Incredibly Thin Wire -- Dylan Thin
By Jay Hoster

Go Live Your Own Life
By Michaela Williams

Biography of Tim Buckley
By Martin Aston

BBC Radio Interview Transcript
'Rockspeak' 1973 or 1974

By Steve Lake

Even If You Can't Play Him on the Guitar
By Tim Buckley

Don't Call Me a Poet
By Tony Wilson

A Happy Sad Starsailor from Washington D.C.
Zigzag Magazine: August, 1974

Buckley : A Master In Search of Pupils
Tribute By Steve Lake

A Fleeting House, Retrospective
by Mick Houghton,
Idris Walters, and Dave Downing

Tim Buckley -- The Interview
by Michael Davis, 1985

Tim Buckley Memories

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