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Vintage Postcard Images of Dogs and Cats

Rebop's Paw Prints is a gallery of vintage postcards that celebrate dogs and cats, plus free web page graphics that I love. The postcards are a type of paper ephemera, circa early to mid 1900's, which include illustrations and old photos. The pages are graphics intensive, so please wait a moment for each page to load. Each page is designed with a different background and divider. The postcards are not for sale here, but they are a feast for your eyes! I'm happy I can save them here for you to enjoy.

Please visit the companion e-card site where you can send free personalized virtual vintage postcards, featuring dogs and cats.

Rebop's Vintage Postcard E-cards

Visit the Vintage Postcard Gallery

Rebop's Paw Prints also houses the archive for the Rebop Discussion Forum. Our favorite posts are saved here: stories, jokes, poems, quotes, essays, political discussion, memories, and a love story. Amidst the articles are more pictures and graphics. So if you don't feel like reading, check out the second group of links just for the images and web page graphics.

Rebop Discussion Forum Archive

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