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I made my website here.




Last Updated: Jan. 29, 2005
So where have I been? Still here, still been occasionally playing the games from time to time. But with 3DO's downfall it looked like the MM universe would be dead, and people would stop playing. I was on the virge of closeing the place down. By the way, my cjb address is dead, so you'll have to put in to keep coming here. Most emails I was getting for a while were just asking me where people could download the game for free. But then I got an email recently showing people still played because they're such good games. So I decided to keep the place up. Who knows? Maybee one day I'll add that Enroth section I never got to. I just have to play through MM6 again. It's been quite some time since I've played a few of those games. Hey the site's three and a half years old and I've grown since then. I'm applying for college now wish me luck there. And I'll stay here for as long as you people want me to, which as it seems, many still do. Shh.... wait for it...... "AWWWWWWWWW" ok that's enough.

Wanna see the face that made this site? Look at me!

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I don't know all the legal information but I'll type what I can. Heroes of Might and Magic, Might and Magic, and all titles were made by New World Computing. NWC is a division of the 3DO company. My site is in no way official. The official home of the Might and Magic games can be found here. All Might and Magic and Heroes games, images, and all related content have been copywrited by 3DO I just made this site for fun. To see all of 3DO's full leagal notices, please click here. All information on this site was gathered by me while playing the Might and Magic games. Therefore, none of the information on this site is was created by me. All information on this site can be found within the games. I'm not here to advertise or anything related. Translating this in plane English: 3DO and New World Computing diserve full credit for information here. No infringement is intended.