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Antagarich Glosarry

Here's a glossary of the lands of Antagarich. If you find any mistakes please Email me.

Capital: Pierpont
Currently ruled by: King Eldrich
Inhabitants- Elves, some Vori Elves.
Might/Magic: Might
The elves of Avlee are nature freeks. They even have walking trees. Avlee is composed of large forests, everywhere you look you will see almost nothing but green.

The area of Avlee in which its capital, Pierpont is locatated. The Tularean forest can also be found here (Pierpont is actually in the Tularean Forest).

A polar region to the northewest of Antagarich where the Vori Elves dwell (I've heard that Vori came before Avlee, and Avlee was settled by the Vori Elves, but I only heard that).

The Contested Lands
An area of land that was fought for during the Timber Wars. It is between Erathia and Avlee. At the end of Heroes 3, It declared independence from both Erathia and Avlee by Faruk Welnin, but in Might and Magic 7, the disputes were settled, so as far as I know, the Contested Lands are no independent.

Capital: Steadwick
The current ruler is unknown, Roland and Catherine Ironfist left General Morgan Kendal to make the decision of who the next king and queen would be.
Inhabitants: Humans and Griffins
Might/Magic: Might
Erathia is the largest country in Antagarich, and it's right in the center. Erathia is almost like a big open space. There aren't any big forests here. Erathia's military is full of proud knights. The griffins of Erathia can be found in many of its military armies. During the Restoration Wars, it was invaded by 5 countries at once, but its military power was able to rid Erathia of its enemies.

A section of the contested lands that was disputed for in Might and Magic 7. A treaty was signed which settled Erathia's and Avlee's borders, and Harmondale happened to be on Erathia's side.

Capitol: Moulder
Currently ruled by: Kastore? (Kastore becomes the head of "The Pit" during Might and Magic 7 when they kick Archibald out, but that's only if you chose the path of dark, so he might not be the king.)
Inhabitants: Necromancers, liches, skeletons, vampires, ghoasts, ect.
Might/Magic: Magic
Deyja is filled with the undead. Deyja's military is run by unruly necromancers, most of them are undead. Very few people of Deyja are of the living, but as for the ones that are alive, many are killed and then resurected as undead. No grass grows in Deyja, and all the trees are dead. It's not a nice place.

The Pit
A large underground region of Deyja. This is where the necromancer's guild can be found.

Eoful (It was defeated)
(Because Eoful was defeated, I'll just say it's last ruler was Lucifer Kreegan).
Former Inhabitants: The Kreegans
Might/Magic: Might
When the Kreegans landed on Antagarich, they landed in a place called "Frostpoint" (A.K.A. The Land of the Giants). They summoned volcanos in frostpoint and completly destroyed this land. It then was settled the the Kreegan Demons. In Heroes3: Armogeddon's Blade, Eoful was defeated.

The Land of Giants
Native inhabitants: Dragons, giants, and titans.
This is the area the Eoful Kreegans settled in.

Capital: Unknown
Currently ruled by: Unknown
Inhabitants: Mintaurs, medusas, dragons, and troglodytes.
Might/Magic: Magic
Nighon is the largest island of Antagarich. Prior to the restoration war, they built tunnles under the sea in Erathia for Eofull to invade from underground and out the caves. After Catherine Ironfist took the tunnles under the sea, they were no longer used. Dungeon overlords run Nighon's military, and a few warlocks as well.

Mount Nighon (A.K.A. Thunderfist Mountain)
A well-known mountain of Nighon. Inside are tunnles containing a large colony filled with minotaurs and warlocks.

Capital: Tidewater?
Currently ruled by: King Tralosk
Inhabitants: Various swamp creatures, such as hydras, lots of lizardmen, and gorgans.
Might/Magic: Might
Tatalia is the swampy region of Antagarich. During the Restoration Wars, they tried to take some of Erathia's western fields, but were unsuccesful. Many heroes of Tatalia's military are lizardmen/women. Some are humans too. The beastmasters tame the swamp creatures to visious fighters, you will almost never find a human in a Tatalian army.

Capitol: (I'm looking for it.)
Current ruler: King Kilgore
Inhabitants: Barbarians, goblins, cyclpos, and behemoths.
Might/Magic: Might
Krewlod is a small dessert on the west coast of Antagarich. All of the Toughest fighters are here. King Kilgor won his position as king during the Festival of Life, when he killed Duke Winston Baragus. The barbarians of Krewlod train hundreds of goblins in their armies, very strong people they are.

Current ruler: King Gavin Magnus
Inhabitants: Golems, genies, gremlins, and giants.
Might/Magic: Magic
Only the best of Magic users are found here. Bracada is on the southern most point of Antagarich and is a very snowy region. The wizards have built tall towers in the high mountains, and settle there. Powerfull wizards and alchemists run the country. Don't mess with them, wizardry has powerful spells.

A villiage in the clouds above Bracada's dessert. This is where the Guild of Light is located.

The Bracada Desert
A small part of the desert of western Antagarich is in possetion of Bracada instead of Krewlod. It is in this dessert where the portal to Celeste is located.

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