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Jadame Glossary

This is a list of important locations on the continent of Jadame. If you find any mistakes or want to add something, please email me.

Dagger Wound Islands
The Dagger Wounds are found on the southeastern waters of Jadame. Nammed after the shape the main island is in, the Dagger Wounds have been settled by lizardmen. It was on a southeastern island where the portal to the Plane of Earth was oppened on the Day of the Destroyer.

Blood Drop
Blood Drop is the only city on the Dagger Wound Islands (at least, that was the only one there at the time in Might & Magic 8). This town spreads out throughout the Dagger Wounds, and they have connected the islands by bridges to get from place to place (these bridges were destroyed when the portal of earth was oppened). Travel between the islands was anciently used by magic portals, which in Might and Magic 8, you had to repair.

Regna Island
Regna Island is an empire that knows the sea like no other. Its pirates were invading the Dagger Wound Islands after the elemental portals were opened because it was a time of confusion, giving them an advantage. However, they were defeated in Might and Magic 8, so the Dagger Wounds survived.

Basically the capital of Regna. Nothing really special here.

Ravage Roaming
This is a very rough-terrained area, which is why there are almoast no settlements here above ground. Below the ground is where you will find Balthazar Lair. There is a small settlement of Ogres here, but it's so small you probably wouldn't even call it a settlement. It was here that the portal to the Plane of Water was opened on the Day of the Destroyer.

Balthazar Lair
A large, underground colony of minotaurs found underground in Ravage Roaming. On the Day of the Destroyer, it was flooded almoast to the top after the portal to the Plane of Water was oppened, creating a huge tidal wave.

This is where all the undead of Jadame can be found. The Necromancer's Guild stands tall on a mountain here. All soil is dead. The vegetation, dead. Trees, dead. This is where necromancers do their evil work.

The Necromancer's Guild
This is the capitol of all that is evil in Jadame. The necromancers get their training here. Sandro is the leader of this guild.

This is the town in which the Necromancer's Guild stands.

A coastal city in the south of Jadame's mainland. Ravenshore is probably the exact center of Jadame. It is settled by dark elves, and the city is very organized. It was in the city's center that the crystal conflux was summoned on the Day of the Destroyer, opening the 4 elemental portals.

Garrote Gorge
Well, it's a gorge that happens to be called Garrote. There is where you will find dragon slayers. They have a training camp just south of the Dragon Caves. Their leader is Charles Quixote. This is the only area where you will find dragon hunters because this is the only place that has dragons.

The Dragon Caves
This is where all the dragons of Jadame hang out. The head of the cave is a dragon named Deftclaw Redreaver. They hate the dragon slayers of Garrote Gorge, so the cave is heavily gaurded.

The Murmurwoods
This is the sunniest, and greenest area in Jadame. The Clerics of the Sun have built a town around their temple. This forest is where the portal to the Plane of Air was oppenened on the Day of the Destroyer, knocking down a huge circle of trees. This is the only place in Jadame that has Unicorns.

The Temple of the Sun
This is the capitol of all holyness in Jadame. All of the clerics are trained here. They hate the Necromancer's Guild, and are always at war with them. The leader of the Clerics of the Sun is Oskar Tyre.

The Dark Elf capitol of Jadame. Like Ravenshore, it is very organized. Bastian Loudin, the dark elf that helped form an alliance between 3 main sections of Jadame (that you do in Might and Magic 8) lives here.

Ironsand Desert
A large, almost empty desert in the northeast corner of Jadame. The Ironsand is the home to the goblins and cyclops of Jadame. It was here that the portal to the Plane of Fire was opened on the Day of the Destroyer, creating a huge lava pool in the desert.

This is a city of goblins in the Ironsand. When the portal of fire was opened, an huge wall of fire spread in the desert, and it destroyed a fraction of Rust, killing many goblins.

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