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Last update: 7-24-01: Minor updates
6-04-01: Behold!
5-16-01: After a long hiatus...
3-26-01: Stuff happens...?
3-19-01: Team change and stories...

Proclamations From Jonatan Streith, Adminus Primus:

Minor updates made, such as listing the fanfics, and putting up a few more profiles.

And the art pages, of course. If you missed the message on the board, the art pages are available from the character page.

AND we have Yuu-kun's JoJo fanart up! Almost forgot to mention that!

We're still waiting for a few more profiles (you know who you are), and we still miss the intros for Team Kaiju, the unnamed team (have you been eaten by a Grue, Caine? Lifesigns, please!), The Two Stooges (you keep saying you need to change stuff) and Zenith (which is... mine. Yes. Not a word.)

If I get around to it, we might get a couple of omakes up as well!


Note From the Organiser:

"You people are supposed to be getting intros done! ...Of course, I should be updating my team's intro..." [NeoVid hits self with AntiHypocrite Hammer]
- NeoVid, F iendly Neighborhood Iron-Fisted Tyrant

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