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Adam's Home Page

This page is perpetually under construction!

NOTE: My website has a new address! The address is Please update your bookmarks to reflect the new address.

Welcome to my homepage. This page is also the home of Adam's Ancient Computer Museum, a small virtual museum of my personal collection of obsolete computers, and Adam's Antique Radio Museum, my small (but slowly growing) collection of old radios. So far, there are 16 different computer models in my computer museum, and 34 different old radios in my antique radio museum (27 tube, 6 solid-state, 1 tube television). All of my old computers are owned by me, most of them (besides three) were built in 1987 of before, and all of them work perfectly. All the old radios in my museum are owned by me and all were (to my knowledge) built in 1929 or after. I like classic video games as well as classic computers and old radios. I have a small not-yet-virtual museum of video games, which I hope to put online soon. Some people wonder why I like old computers and radios. I like finding out things old computers can do that most people wouldn't even think they are capable of. As for old radios, I like the sound (as well as the smell of warm tubes ;-). I am also interested in vacuum tubes, have built my first vacuum tube amplifier, and have a couple of vintage tube amplifiers. In addition, I am an amateur filmmaker, and I collect vintage phones, among many other things. Enjoy!

Last Updated January 22nd, 19105

"Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy." -- Anonymous

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