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Some Links

Here are some of the sites I frequent.
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Old Computer Links

The Obsolete Computer Museum
The Obsolete Computer Helpline
comp.sys.cbm newsgroup
comp.sys.cpm newsgroup
comp.sys.tandy newsgroup

Antique Radio/Tube Links

Phils Old Radios- A great source of old radio pictures and restoration information
Padgett's Trans-Oceanic Page (for fanatics only)
The Philco Repair Bench- an excellent resource for Philco radio repair information
Rock-Sea Enterprises- a great source of dials for old radios
Nostalgia Air- A great source of old radio schematics and tube substitution information
Bill's Antique Radio Emporium- Another source of antique radio restoration information
John Pelhams Antique Radio Collection
Old Radio Zone- a teriffic site with tons of pictures of Zenith and other old radios
Jons Antique Radios- a nice page by another young collector
Triode Electronics- A good source for vacuum tubes and amplifier schematics
The Unnoficial Dynaco Home Page- a good source of early Dynaco equipment history
Antique Electronic Supply- a good source for radio tubes and parts

Other Sites I Visit

Mike's Page of Stuff!
Dave's Cracked Home Page And Yes, THIS SITE IS FLAMMABLE!!! (Enter at your own risk!)
If you like novelty songs, go here
My friend David Jongs webpage