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Computers/Radios I'm Looking For

NOTE: My website has a new address! The address is Please update your bookmarks to reflect the new address.

This is a list of the old computers, radios, and other things that I'm looking for, in no particular order. Even though I already have several old computers and old radios, I'm always looking for new additions to the museum. I'm also looking for old tube amplifiers, as well as vintage phones. These lists are by no means complete. If you are willing to give it to me or sell it to me at a reasonable price, and have parts/documentation for it as well (not always necessary), email me using the email address below. Remember, if you want to get rid of it, don't hesitate to contact me, and we'll make a deal!

Old computers/computer parts I'm looking for

Old radios/radio parts I'm looking for

Other things I'm looking for