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<the first auberge de castille>

            In 1573, the auberge for the langues of Castille and Leon was built. Today’s Auberge de Castille is actually the second one on this building site - the original Auberge de Castille was designed by Gerolamo Cassar, and it was probably his most innovative auberge design.

            The outer appearance of the original auberge is recorded in a painting from the late 17th century, after which Roger de Giorgio had made an elevation, and in a drawing from the early 18th century, which was discovered by Giovanni Bonello.

The most striking and innovative features of this auberge are the panelled pilasters that divide the facade vertically. It is the first time that Cassar introduced this architectural feature on a façade and that he does not apply his typical corner rustications. Panelled pilasters or pillars can be found in the courtyards and interiors of his secular and ecclesiastical buildings respectively.

            During the baroque the first Auberge de Castille must have undergone some alterations: The staircase in the drawing is typical baroque in its style, as well as the coat of arms above the main entrance.

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