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            The construction date of the Auberge d'Auvergne, which was destroyed in 1942, is also controversial. It was either built in 1571 or 1574, and construction was finished around 1583. The square plan of this French auberge consists of a central courtyard surrounded by rooms and on two sides by arcades. It was situated in Republic Street, exactly where today's court can be found. So it also had a piazza in front, with the nave of St. John's Co-Cathedral bordering on the opposite side.

            Even this auberge shows several hints of a later enlargement, which was carried out left of the building in 1783 and which is visible from the plan and the façade. First of all, the decentralized location of the main entrance appears very unusual. Secondly, the wall between the third and the fourth rooms on the left front side appears thicker than between the other rooms.

The third proof for a later enlargement is the vertical rustication that shows between the third and the fourth windows on the front façade and which looks very similar to the corner rustication of the Auberge d'Aragon. As Cassar only applied rustications on the corners of his buildings and as this rustication appears in the same place as the thicker wall, this must have been the original left corner of the auberge. The entrance would also have appeared in a central position then.

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